I was raised by a single mum, I’ ll be there for my son: Cal_Vin

DESPITE having an emphatic flawless hip-hop record captioned with multi-awards, jamboree hits and “dopest” collabos, Mgcini Calvin Nhliziyo aka Cal_Vin’s love life has not been so good.

However, not all is gloomy as out of those relationships, a handsome boy was born whom the award winning rapper has been bragging about and warning the world that the “Young King” will follow dad’s footsteps.

What has been confusing fans is the mystery woman that gave Cal_Vin a son especially if the woman is not Shantel, whom scores of fans knew as the King kong hit maker’s fiancé. Sunday Life met Cal_Vin to ask about the mother of his child, King Calvin Junior, their life together and how he was coping as a father.

“Firstly, I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to become a father. It’s truly amazing. I first met the mother of my child during the KO concert that was held in the City of Kings at the Amphitheatre. Her name is Melisa. It was a crazy night.

The feeling was exuberant so I hooked up with baby mama and the next thing led to the other,” he said.

“We were not close. We were just strangers who met at a party. Even after we had slept together, we never really communicated for almost two months. However, things got a swift turn when she called to tell me she had missed her periods

I immediately knew there was a possibility of her being pregnant. When she told me she was pregnant, I accepted the reality and waited to welcome my baby because a child is a beautiful gift from the lord above. Right now I wake up daily knowing I have a child to be proud of. For him I am ready to conquer the world. Ready to face my enemies even if the world turns against me I will always fight for the safety and well being of my son,” he said.

Since the Kontrol Tribe founder became a dad, rumours of Cal_Vin’s baby mama being too young for him have been spreading and Cal_Vin said rumours will always be rumours while enemies who are trying to destroy and tarnish his legacy will never achieve their goal.

“Like I said me and baby mama didn’t know each other before the KO concert. So when we hooked up she told me she was 19 years old and turning 20 years old this year. Then I later discovered that she lied after meeting her parents who told me she was 18 years old. Actually I first met her aunt who told me everything about Melisa. Melisa confessed to her aunt that she lied to me about her age,” he said.

Cal_Vin gave a brief emotional insight about his upbringing and he said he wanted to be there for his son always.
“I was raised by a single mum. I want to prevent that from happening to my son. I will always be there for him in the thick of things. I will always support my son to make sure that he has an adorable growing up. Despite Melisa lying to me when we first met, I decided that I was going to support her 100 percent,” he added.

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