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Ras Pompy – When a Gem Matures

When he broke onto the scene as a little man with a voice that had no clue what cracking even was, many knew that a gem had been unearthed and would certainly have a future as bright and shining as Polaris.

Now, Ras Pompy, aged a ripe 18 has shown that he indeed is the diamond many envisioned he would be with his growth.

Real name Nyasha Reginald Mano, the boy has become and man and while his voice has cracked into a smooth syrupy texture with a tinge of honey, the diamond that the urban grooves movement brought onto the scene over a decade ago has not cracked whatsoever.

“I have a new album coming out early next year and I want the fans to know that there is something brewing,” says the young chanter.

With his growth has also come a musical metamorphosis and a shift in tempo as well as focus including a shift in gear much like he promised way back when in his track alongside Tipsy-Change Gear. Indeed the gear has changed.

And what about the constant and consistent dropping of awesome singles and videos for his tracks time and time again? One cannot help but notice a young artiste who is hell bent on making his mark as a serious musician.

“The video for the song “Struggle” is coming out this week,” he promises without even flinching. His grind has kept him before the cameras shooting videos for his gems as he continues to up his game and surge forward.

It doesn’t hurt that he is easy on the eye, photogenic luck that has made his videos an instant hit and have the following of a no doubt admiring bevy of starry eyed young female followers. He has gained cultic following.

The perfect poster child for the new millennium. And they are not the girls from Style and Pattern who danced alongside him in his video with chests as flat as his.

A grown man attracts grown ladies. A chick magnet he is.

Yet his humility is stand-out like an oasis in the desert. You can’t help but admire it and you’ll never forget the experience.

Something that has perhaps has kept him going while many around him in the cut-throat world of Zimdancehall, including obviously his erstwhile role models have fallen by the wayside.

There are many casualties in the cemetery of Zimdancehall. Some continue to churn hits but their spirits are dead. They are walking ghosts.

Killed by drugs, sex, booze and the terrible disease of idiocy. Ras Pompy seems to have been vaccinated against such foolishness. And the prayer is the vaccine continues to work.

And is he not a kept man? Dressed to the T all the time. Smart, elegant and looking like he has walked out of a Hollywood Movie set.

Unlike dancehall creatures who crawl out of places where the sun don’t shine and dress like street urchins.

In Ras Pompy Zimdancehall has a great future. A smart and clean one. With clean socks and lyrics, the will to want it and admirable self-esteem.

“I just want to make good music,” he quipped. He is doing just that!

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