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So you want to bring some greenery indoors, what’s stopping you? It seems like indoor plants are trending in homes and they purify the air and beautify a room with a touch of nature.

Faux potted plants are our way of reconnecting with nature and of bringing some of its beauty into our homes.

House plants bring life into our homes at the same time cleaning the air as they grow by the day, they are literally more than decorations to some people especially those people who are in love with plants.

They turn a room into a living space, breathing life into people’s interiors, they say someone lives here, someone cares for things and someone calls this home.

We use plants to give spaces a fresh and vibrant look and to add colour into a simple decor that needs a touch of green to look complete.

The gorgeous fresh colour of indoor plants brings a room to life adding a sense of peace and connection with nature.

As a reaction to technology, plants are becoming more and more important in interiors. Being surrounded by plants whether faux or real is believed to lower blood pressure and induce a feeling of wellbeing.

Although they don’t have the air cleansing benefits of real plants, faux versions are ideal for those who do not have green fingers or the ideal conditions in which real plants thrive.

An added benefit is that as faux plants don’t require a waterproof pot, you can use any type of container including on-trend baskets.

People can actually decorate their home with faux plants and still come out nice, one does not need to water these and mess their home while watering them because 0they are not real plants.

You can decorate room corners with tall faux potted plants even if you have furniture that goes from wall to wall and these faux plants actually seem like real plants to the extent that if one doesn’t look at a close view they might actually think that it’s real.

A plant can also look beautiful in front of a shelf or cabinet as long as it doesn’t completely obstruct the access to that area.

For example, a large plant can be placed in the corner of a room to fill out an empty space, corners are usually dead spaces and having a plant there is a great way to put that space to good use. Also, some corner spaces are too small to accommodate furniture and this makes them perfect for accent features such as plants or sculptures.

Introducing plants into our homes as decoration essentials is one of the ways we can easily and practically counteract the negative effects of city living.

Having plants in homes has many benefits, they are believed to make people more creative and productive, reduce stress and give us overall higher levels of well-being.

Having decided to enhance your living or workspace with plants, the most important thing is to have fun with it, see those plants as a form of art to be placed on shelves, in corners, and spaces where there are natural gaps.

Be it real plants or faux plants, they all bring a lot of softness to a home and remind everyone that we really do rely on the environment for our day to day activities.

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