Repent, see the light

Pupurai Togarepi Correspondent
The nostalgia of a crude and barbaric past a British Lord by the name Palmer, never mind the high sounding but really empty prefix, of the old British Empire so much so that he hankered after its return, cannot go unchallenged.

Here is a man, who, in dreaming of re-colonisation, took a step back into time which for some of us was a hideous epoch when aliens invaded, enslaved and looted our country.

They stashed our God-given resources back to their barren lands.

Palmer can be forgiven for craving for a past that was carved by his fore-bearers, a past that reeks with atrocities that any rightful-thinking person would shirk to associate with.

But that is a reminder of the psychopathic nature of our erstwhile colonisers.

Never mind attempts to cover up their real and condescending views about this great country of Zimbabwe.

The erstwhile colonisers itch for a second bite of the cherry.

We saw through their attempts to plant, water and nurture despondency in our motherland through sponsoring opposition parties and so-called civic organisations to cause mayhem in the country.

Of course people like Palmer have to be freed from their obnoxious mentality.

We have the cure to their time-warped and frozen reasoning.

The cure is in unity, peace and development.

But that is not to say we are worried by such threats or cravings, by the threats of colonisation, that is something that we defeated many years ago and something we will definitely defeat again and again.

But then we are aware of the many shades of war and its many forms.

Just last week there was a war raging in Zimbabwe as  thugs terrorised people in our townships, forcing people who wanted to go to work to “stay away”.

It was initially bizarre, but as the sands of time fell to make an hour, a day and a week, it was unravelled by our State security agents that there was a hidden hand fanning the disturbances smiling from ear to ear as brother turned against brother.

Time has come for civic society to be checked, otherwise some of them are overstepping their mandate.

Criminals stepped in and looted shops, they murdered police officers and ran to their homes to feast on the loot, all the while with the instigators smug in their homes with their children safe from harm, never mind that their MDC-Alliance supporters were at the forefront and have been trained to sabotage and stop the Second Republic Train.

But as President Emmerson Mnangagwa is wont to say, we will keep on moving even as detractors scream; we are not disturbed, but only draw lessons.

Key and life-saving lessons from what happened last week, the youths were used and dumped. There is no one to bail them out now even as they languish in prison, but still that is a lesson.

A lesson for the youths of today who are abused and mesmerised by a few pieces of dirty silver from Western embassies and NGOs that are desperate for a regime change in Zimbabwe.

This is despite that Zimbabweans pronounced themselves clear in the historical and game-changing July 30 elections of last year.

We are acutely aware that there are frenzied attempts to sponsor instability, with opposition parties and the so-called civil society the midwives to this bastard, an illegitimate child that will never find space in our Zimbabwe, a land that holds so much for us, dear things that have our former colonisers and looters green with envy.

Even in this madness, our President has extended a hand; opened his arms like the true statesman he is to dialogue with all and sundry as we seek to rebuild the nation.

It is a lesson of his magnanimity, his larger-than-life heart that he is prepared to break bread with even those who are ready to sell Zimbabwe just in order to sneak into Government.

We are one, the President told us, and that is a lesson that the youths of today must accept; accept and hold dear and spurn any attempts to destroy this nation in the name of protests.

Yes, our Constitution in Section 59 provides for the right to demonstrate, but that should be done peacefully and in respect to the rights of other citizens. Hopefully, those in the opposition will repent  and see the light.

Let us remember that we are one country.

Some of us hold no grudges against the MDC-Alliance even though we differ with their beliefs that are not anchored in our revolution and respect for our national values.

We are ready to forgive them. It is how diverse we are, coming from the very same womb.

In Shona they say “Ura mapako hunotizvara takasiyana”.

At the end of the day, we share the same umbilical cord tied to Zimbabwe.

As pointed out earlier the, zanu-pf train is on course, it will not be stopped, but it will not be filled, so we are saying to those lost souls come join the ruling party for your prosperity is guaranteed, we are not vindictive but all forgiving.

We know the job that has to be done needs every hand on the deck, that is why we stand with our President when he talks of unity, peace and love.

We have a listening President and no doubt he will listen to all Zimbabweans, even those living and feasting in the dark or even fake pastors who masquerade as political leaders.

The youths have a big role to play in Zimbabwe, it is a role to make Zimbabwe the jewel of Africa and to defend its sovereignty, resources and its people.

Let us speak with one voice against Western-imposed sanctions and anyone who speaks ill about our great country.

Let us accept the truism that President Mnangagwa is the legitimate President of Zimbabwe.

That can be a good starting point for any dialogue.

Just like the iconic Oliver Mtukudzi, our late cultural ambassador, who was called home to rest last Wednesday would say, “Pangu pese ndasakura ndazunza”.

Source : The Herald

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