Retracing the origins of the Chirandu clan: Part 5

Claude Maredza Correspondent
In fact, once politicians have mauled each other through campaigns and all the dog- eat-dog circumstances characteristic of politics, whoever is finally the winner must ask for permission to rule from Murenga who may or may not allow the politician to rule depending on the spiritual position Murenga takes regarding a given politician and his/her credentials as far as the spiritual realm sees them.

But it would appear that this very important cog in the present Zimbabwean wheel of progress has either been forgotten or ignored as there is no visible rallying on Murenga or any of our holy godly spirit mediums as we go about with the business of being Zimbabweans.

We don’t even refer to or call upon Murenga or any of our spirit mediums whenever we go about doing Zimbabwean national business.

This is pretty ironical because while during the war of liberation we pleaded with the spirits of Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, Murenga, Chaminuka and our other holy godly spirit mediums, mhondoro/masvikiro, to recommend us to God so that we could wage and win the war so as to get back our country which had been stolen by the British, nobody has ever gone back after independence to thank the same holy godly spirit mediums for guiding us in having God through the ancestors to deliver the country back to us as what surely happened in the end.

Instead we have all become so drunk with independence euphoria that we are forgetting the most important task we have to do, i.e. thanking God through our holy godly spirit mediums for hearing our prayers and delivering our country back to us from the thieves who had stolen it.

Our holy godly spirit mediums will in turn convey our prayers of thanks to God and everything gets into equilibrium and we continue on the path of being a generationally happy and generationally prosperous nation.

Instead, what we see at most national events in Zimbabwe is that the spiritual side of proceedings is represented by the spirituality of our very colonisers, the very ones we were pleading with the spirit of Murenga to free us from.

We usually see some Christian priest or reverend or some so-called pastor, all Christian oriented, conducting the spiritual side of things in any Zimbabwean national event.

This is not just entirely surprising but indeed very ironical. Is it the colonial mentality gone totally viral within us to the extent of making us totally forget who we are that we cannot even respect our own spirituality but instead reach out to other people’s spiritualities, ironically the very colonisers’ spiritualities from whom we were pleading with our real spiritualities to be                                   freed?

Is it the slave mental software refusing to leave our slave minds to the extent that 38 years into independence we still continue to see the white man as God to the extent where we find it impossible to leave the white man’s enslaving and impoverishing Christian spirituality and follow our own original black African Zimbabwean spirituality which clearly instructs us to pray to God through our ancestors?

And do we seriously expect any blessings to flow after the sins and crimes of such deliberate commission and omission on our part?

We know, for example, that the highest authority in anything in Zimbabwe is Murenga’s spirit medium followed by Chaminuka’s spirit medium.

These spirit mediums must be the ones who give the presidents and other members of the executive the authority, the go ahead to rule Zimbabweans in the manner God commands through our ancestors how people must be ruled.

Yet we don’t seem to see anyone reverting to our holy godly spirit mediums for this all-important spiritual and divine advice on how people must be ruled.

It’s the same way we treat our holy places such as Great Zimbabwe Monuments.

We don’t respect such of our holy places at all.

What should really happen is that nobody must be allowed to walk in the holy grounds of the Great Zimbabwe Monument with their shoes on.

The Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry must, in conjunction with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, enforce such rules so that everybody without exception strictly adheres to our spiritual rules when they are at our holy shrines.

That’s the way it must be and that means people must take off their shoes when they are walking on our holy grounds.

But you see people holding parties inside holy grounds like the Great Zimbabwe Monument and the usual aftermath is further desecration of these holy of holies because the mornings after such bashes show the debauchery that was going on the night before through the evidence of used condoms strewn all over such holy grounds!

That’s rather sad.

You see people entering holy grounds like Great Zimbabwe Monument holding Bibles, or the Quran or even the Torah.

These books do not depict the Zimbabwean original spiritual divinity and must never ever be seen anywhere near our holy grounds as a law which must be enforced by our own authorities.

People can do their Christian things elsewhere but not in our holy grounds such as the Great Zimbabwe Monument because Christianity is clearly a foreign religion forced on the black Zimbabwean African and used to accelerate the colonisation of the black Zimbabwean African and any relic or semblance of such a religion which is clearly hostile to the black Zimbabwean African cannot be seen anywhere near places that we call holy in the original form of holiness and divinity that we as black African Zimbabweans were taught by our forefathers, i.e. we pray to God through our ancestors.

The same applies to the Quran/Koran or the Torah and any of the foreign religions of imposition.

The irony is that when our authorities who ironically have the mandate to enforce our original black African Zimbabwean spirituality come back from visits to such places as Mecca or Medina, you hear them gushing praises of the Arabs and how they respect their religion of Islam and their culture.

Our authorities on such visits will have been commanded by the Arabs to take off their shoes when they get into mosques/masjids but instead of learning how other people respect themselves in their own homes and therefore enforcing the same back home in Zimbabwe, our people still continue to suffocate their own people with foreign religions, particularly Christianity, yet ironically still have the nerve of praising those nations that remain loyal to their own religions!

They continue to “Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!” in the Christian way while praising a Muslim Arab for honouring his religion but ironically in the same breath trash and bastardise their own original black African Zimbabwean religion!!

What’s really wrong with us?

We continue to desecrate our holy places and in the process desecrate ourselves and, further, disrespecting our ancestors and God like we are mad people without anything between our ears.

What’s wrong with us?

Well, that is really very careless and utterly irresponsible on the part of today’s Zimbabwean and that kind of careless forgetfulness is not advisable at all because ignoring such an important part of our being is inviting spiritual trouble to ourselves as a nation.

It should never be forgotten that the ancestors are watching. So is God. The divine consequences of such criminal negligence on our part are palpably dire and we will only have ourselves to blame for such clearly self- inflicted woes.

And it’s not so preposterous to hazard that until such thanksgiving to and acknowledgement of God through the ancestors for answering our prayers by delivering Zimbabwe back to us is done by ourselves at the highest national levels, it may be very difficult for us to enjoy a properly prosperous and progressive Zimbabwe.

We clearly have a divine duty as a nation to straighten up our original spirituality if Zimbabwe has to regain its greatness again.

We need to re-establish Murenga by finding out who represents him today in the form of his spirit medium.

We then need to re-establish Chaminuka’s spirit medium and the Moyo Chirandu spirit medium.

We then need to re-establish the spirit medium who represents the Hungwe/Dziva/Kalanga and the spirit medium who represents the Tonga/Dau/Tau.

Once we have established and reinstated these spirit mediums who clearly represent the whole nation overally spiritually, we then give them the national respect they deserve right at the apex of everything Zimbabwean.

Claude Maredza is a crown prince of the Norumedzo Moyo Chirandu people, an academic, writer and film producer.

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The Herald

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