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Rhumba nights beckon at Club Mandisa

The joint, which has become the city’s entertainment hub, last week staged a memorable show that featured popular Tanzanian rhumba outfit Bana Desas.Club Mandisa director Bonface Nyamanhindi told The Standard Style on Thursday that rhumba lovers in the city were “crying” over lack of their preferred rhumba music, and the club had decided to end their thirst. it has lined up a lot of rhumba shows for the future.“We have realised that we have a lot of rhumba lovers in the city and we have decided to launch the rhumba nights where local and international rhumba groups will perform every month,” said Nyamanhindi.

“This will also act as a way to promote the rhumba groups. As a club we are looking at diversifying our entertainment acts to satisfy all our audiences with different musical genres.”

Zimbabwe’s top rhumba groups Diamond Musica and BV Labien Musica have previously performed at the venue and are some of the groups that are going to perform at the popular club.

“These groups [Diamond Musica and BV Labien] have attracted huge crowds and from now on we are expecting more rhumba lovers to come and enjoy the music of their choice.

The Rhumba Night is one of the popular events on our calendar and we will keep on inviting big names in the genre,” Nyamanhindi said.

He added that the Rhumba Nights would prove that rhumba music was still alive in Zimbabwe.

Diamond Musica and BV Labien have become the most popular rhumba groups to perform in Mutare as seen in their huge fan base in the city.

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