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Rising gospel singer Bopoto finds his groove

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Rising South Africa-based gospel musician Ray Bopoto, who recently launched his third studio album, “Batai Dzimba”, on Radio Zimbabwe is promising fireworks.

In an interview with The Herald Insight, Bopoto said he ventured into music industry in 2010, working with several artistes across all genres.

“I ventured into music in 2010 and my first album was titled ‘Never Despair’ with eight tracks. I worked tirelessly and it was not an easy journey.

“I worked with several artistes, the likes of Baba Manyeruke, Ruth Mapfumo and Agatha Murudzwa, among others. I sang across all genres and in the end I found my home in gospel,” said Bopoto.

He said his first gospel album, “Masvingo eJerico”, did not get much attention from listeners. He, however, applauded Baba (Mechanic) Manyeruke for the support he gave him.

“I salute Baba Manyeruke for the support he gave me. He inspired me to venture into gospel music. I have worked with him for five years. He played a pivotal role on my second album ‘Batai Dzimba’,” he said.

As opposed to his first gospel offering, “Batai Dzimba” has drawn attention, getting much more listenership.

“On my second album I received much attention from the listeners and I think this is when I came into the limelight,” he said.

“After Batai Dzimba I am quite happy that people are beginning to show their interest as some of the songs are being demanded on radio request shows,” said Bopoto.

The album is comprised of nine tracks on different issues that affect Christians as they go about their day-to-day lives.

“The album is composed of nine songs which include ‘Mazviita’, ‘Batai Dzimba’, and ‘Munoonei’, to name just a few. I believe the songs will help those who are in marriage and those who are yet to get married,” said Bopoto.

Of the songs, “Shaina”, the title track “Batai Dzimba” and “Mazviita” are getting more attention compared to the rest of the album.

Already, Bopoto is working on another album called “Shaina” to be released with a DVD.

“I am expecting more to be given to the listeners and more people to be reminded of what God says about us. Currently, I’m working on third album called ‘Shaina’ which Is going to be released with avideos,” said Bopoto.

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