Robbery at the Arnold Classic

HOW Paul Goredema placed third was one of the major mysteries at last weekend’s Arnold Classic Africa in Sandton, South Africa.

The reigning Mr Zimbabwe looked to be it in the men’s up-to-100kg division, but the judges reckoned two other athletes were better than the 27-year old from Gweru. “You cannot mourn about it, its part of the game,” commented Goredema who can only train once a day because of the demands of his day job at Gweru Polytechnic.

“When I placed third it came as a surprise as I never imagined myself making it into the top six so I smiled and felt content. However, a look at the pictures taken during that competition leaves one with some questions. But then again it is what it is and life has to go on.”

Goredema has some bad news for those eyeing his Mr Zimbabwe crown: he’s going back to the gym to “grind some more”.“I am in good shape but it’s not the best I can be, there is a lot of room for improvement and the hard work continues.  “During the Arnolds Classic I met some professionals and they gave me some tips that I will be using as I continue to grind,” he said.

Goredema’s immense potential did not go unnoticed in Sandton and there are fears that the South African stable that lured Regina Jonga into representing the Rainbow Nation will come knocking for him too.

Soon after he walked off the Arnolds stage with medal and certificate in hand, Mr Zimbabwe was cornered by some leading figures in the South African bodybuilding sector.

I hear you have a degree in Business Management, have you ever thought of looking for a job in SA? Do you dream of turning pro?

It was clear what they were angling for – his signature. For an athlete who sacrifices to get the most basic of supplements and trains in a Gweru Sports Club facility that is a gym in name only, such questions reveal a world of exciting possibilities.

But Goredema insists it will take much more to turn his head.

“You know everyone wants a better life so the only thing that can make me migrate is having an offer that will improve my life. Just getting supplements and free training will not make me move. It has to make both sense and cents,” said Goredema.

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