Robert Mugabe – #SouthAfrica must pay me for my educated black #Zimbabwe citizens who built the South Africa economy to a global powerhouse

Mugabe’s Speech at Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe,(UMP) in Mashonaland East Province

Robert Mugabe – South Africa must pay me for sending them my educated black Zimbabwe citizens who are running the economy there

One thing that countries all over the world do not appreciate about my legacy is how much I have invested in Zimbabwe’s education, producing the brightest workforce across Africa.

Because of my policies, Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa, conservatly estimated at about 99%. In South Africa, it is 35% and Nigeria and Kenya, below 28%.

South Africa owes me a huge debt of gratitude for my generosity. I have exported my citizens to go and build South Africa’s economy into one of the best economies in the world. If it was not for me, South Africa would be like a poor country such as Malawi.

Most of the biggest companies in South Africa and rest of the world are led by Zimbabweans, thanks to my government policies. When I came to power, I made sure that education was mandatory for every child, 5 years old going up. I built the best schools in evrey city and village in Zimbabwe and made sure all the teachers were handsomely paid. As a former teacher myself, I appreciate the impact of education on developing a nation. Which other country in Africa has produced the best work force. Which other African leader has produced an internationally respected and competent workforce. The answer is simple, Robert Mugabe.

I will be personally writing to each of the countries where we have a huge Zimbabwe workforce such as South Africa, England, and United States of America to demand that these countries pay the Zimbabwe government a US$10,000 annual gratuity to thank me and my leadership team for the Zimbabweans working in those countries.

Do you know that Sifiso Dabengwa the CEO of MTN, the South Africa based largest mobile phone company worth billions of dollars, is a product of my policies. He is a Zimbabwean young boy who came through my education system and where is he today – running one of the biggest companies in the world. A small thank you of $10,000 to president Mugabe won’t hurt and I would appreciate it myself.

Old Mutual needs to send our government a BIG thank you for sending our brightest minds to run that multi billion dollar company. One example is my former minister, Dr. Nkosana Moyo who I hired and later decided it was time for him to go and save South Africa where he was offered a position in the private sector at Old Mutual where he is now one of the senior directors.

To all of you Zimbabweans in the diaspora, we have recently launched the Zimbabwe National Diaspoe Policy with Dr. Obert Mpofu, Minister of Macro Economic Planning and Investment Promotion. We know that there is at least 3 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora. This is a huge untapped potential which we will take advantage of. For each person in diaspora, your company will be required to pay an annual gratuity tax of US$10 000 and with 3 million people in diaspora, we should be able to generate US$30 Billion a year in annual revenues which we can use to support our Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset), an economic blueprint that was crafted by the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) government in 2013 as part of its developmental and political campaign initiative. agenda and invest in the new farmers who are in dire need of new tractors, seeds and irrigation pipes.

I thank you.

R.G. Mugabe

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  1. No ctedit Mr President. It means you are not clever if your education system benefits other countries.
    You have forgotten that shiri yakangwara inovaka dendere rayo neminhenga yedzimwe shiri?

  2. Words cannot properly begin to explain the horror of a country that educates many only to destroy,for personal reasons of the elite, the economy for which they would have been educated for sending many abroad forcibly and then to stand in public to gloat about it even expecting some compensation or should I say ransom! Even slavery cannot begin to help us understand this phenomenon!

  3. I see the dementia is starting to take its toll on Bob.

  4. He he he the old man is not only an incontinent dripper, but also a senile deluded fool who cannot even remember where his “educational human wealth” came from!! It came from non other than “Ian Douglas Smiths” RHODESIAN Education system that produced literate and well educated “Povos” who were “coerced” or press ganged into joining the “liberation army” that sent them to certain death. After “Independence”the Education system was already in place and was able to “churn out” a well educated ( using the same old – ENGLISH SCHOOLING Curricula and examination standards used for more than 45 years in RHODESIA) work force to propel Zimbabwe and its economy to the TOP of the African continents wealth/health and economic graphs! Then came BBBBB( big bad bobs biggest blunder) – get rid of the whites???? Bad – very, very Bad call bob! So dream on old codger – you dont have more than 5 years before you are taken by the Angel of death to go the way of “all flesh”! And to dust ( the Devils Food) you will return and you will be “top of the Devils Menu” then

    • And you will live for ever?what a farce,your time with the devil is also ticking towards.Bob will have the last laugh when you join him.Look into Zimbabwe almost everyone holds a degree,isn’t that commendable.The down and trodent muzungu,murungu baas has fuckall in our beloved country.Nhamo inhamo mai havaroodzwe,zvichanaka chete munyika nyoro!!!!

  5. After rolling on the floor laughing, it struck me that all these people that he wants money for should return home, kick him out, and do something for their homeland. Now that would be worth a lot more than the money he’s demanding.

  6. Mugabe also pay those countries the uexperience they have got in those countries. They went there with basic qualifications and zero experience because here in Zimbabwe you could not employ them. What is more expensive a basic education and the know how to do things? Iwe Mugabe zvavakadzidza KuDora Hate urikubhadhara South Africa here USD 10 000 yacho. You even came out of South Africa without any experience, No wonder Zimbabwe is such in a big mess.

  7. I meant he got educated at Fort Hare and he came out from there raw and no experience to even run a fowl run.

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