Roman Catholic Sister Murder Suspect Threatens Magistrate With Death

A murder suspect who raped and killed a Roman Catholic Sister in Mutoko last year, caused a stir in court Wednesday when he threatened Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa with death before getting involved in a fierce courtroom tussle with some prison officials.

Enock Potani is accused of killing Reverend Sister, Plaxedes Kamundiya who was an official at St Georges High School in Mutoko.

“What trial are you talking about and who do you want to prosecute,” Potani defiantly said to the magistrate.

“I’m a mental patient and have been taking pills for my condition for four years now. It’s known by everyone. Even the prison authorities know that I am a mental patient.

“My family can also tell you the same thing.”

Potani allegedly ambushed the now late Kamundiya while she was caught up in prayer at The Glorious Cross of Life shrine in Mutemwa Mountain.

He was Wednesday hauled before court for indictment to the High Court but this ignited a violent protest which saw the courtroom drama.

It took some five prison officers to drag him out of the court room and back to the cells as he fought them off screaming that he wanted to finish with the magistrate first.

Mugwagwa was however unmoved by the threats as she continued sitting on her chair with a smile.

She later ordered the examination of the suspect by doctors.

It is the state’s case that Potani attacked and killed Kamundiya who was praying inside a shrine in Mutemwa Mountain sometime in October last year.

Prosecutors say he first hit her with a stone in the head before raping her, later dumping her body in a dam.

Kamundiya’s body was recovered a few days later.

It was reported that the deceased Reverend Sister had visited Mutoko Mother of Peace Community in an assessment tour ahead of a visit by mass server students from the school based in Harare when the incident occurred.

Kamundiya reportedly stopped over for a brief pilgrimage to the Glorious Cross of Life which is a prayer shrine after concluding her meeting with orphans.

She was said to have been escorted to the place by a female community member whom she told she needed to be excused for a brief time to say her prayers in solitude.

However, she never came back.

Some concerned residents later went to search for her and found her car still parked at the same spot where it was left.

Alarm was raised and a search party was sent to look for her.

Not convinced by his statement, the search group decided to search through his belongings and found groceries which he claimed belonged to his own sister.

The groceries later proved to be the first link to the Reverend Sister’s mysterious disappearance.

When her body was found some few days later, some bruises, blisters, and blood were found on her, showing signs of struggle.

Potani then confessed to raping and killing her upon questioning by police.

He later showed them where he hid her soiled clothes in a sack at Chido Mudzinyama Farm.

The suspect also confessed to dragging her body and tossing it into the dam in a bid to conceal the evidence.

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