“Running mates would solve succession.”- Mangoma

A LEADING figure in the MDC Renewal Team, Elton Mangoma, on Thursday said Zimbabweans should not expect a miracle at the Zanu PF December congress to extricate the country from the current crisis.

Mangoma, in an interview that Zimbabweans are going to be disappointed “if we are expecting some kind of miracle from that gathering”.

“Some of us we are not at all surprised with what has happened or that which is happening now,” said Mangoma.

“I saw it in 2013 when Mugabe and his partner in crime then-prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai connived to reject or shelve a constitutional clause that required parties to put forward a presidential candidate and his or her running mate.

“If Mugabe had confidence in Mujuru he would not have rejected the clause and at that time it was clear to me that Mujuru would not be allowed to take over.

“He wanted to create this uncertainty. It was and remains his biggest indication that he is here to stay until he dies.”

Mangoma was among the MDC-T negotiators who are credited with the formation of the government of national unity in 2009.

He however, fell out with Tsvangirai after he called for the MDC-T leader to step down after his humiliating loss to Mugabe last year.

“The two of them (Mugabe and Tsvangirai) want this hazy situation in which we are all left guessing as to what their next move is going to be.

“They love this uncertainty that we all argue is not good for business but politically for them it works out just fine,” he said.

Zanu PF heads towards an elective congress in December amid serious infighting within the ruling party.

Vice-President Joice Mujuru is now literally under siege after First Lady Grace Mugabe called for her ouster for allegedly plotting against her 90-year-old husband. Mujuru has denied scheming against Mugabe.

Mangoma said contrary to popular belief that Mugabe was delaying naming a possible successor because he wanted guarantees on the protection of his young wife and family, the Zimbabwean leader was actually endangering the future of his children.

“He (Mugabe) cares for himself and himself alone,” said the former energy minister.

“I have not seen any move that points or indicates a concerned father who would want his children to live a peaceful life. We could debate on whether he cares for his family but definitely there is no debate on his view of Zimbabweans.

“He has nothing but contempt. On the contrary he seems to be stoking fires everywhere, starting wars that he can possibly handle in his lifetime but that could create a lot of enemies for his children and wife.

“Is that not ironic that a 90-year-old president would want to insist on power retention by abusing the very people who seem most likely to take over from him despite the fact that biologically he is in his sunset?”

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