Sad Story of a 25 Year-Old Who Lost Sight At 19

By Robert Tapfumaneyi
When one looks at her for the first time, one can be forgiven to think that 25-year-old Prudence Horiro is not visually impaired.

But reality is that she has indeed lived with the sight impairment since the age of 19.

“What pains me most is that I was not born blind. I know what the colours of world are like,” she says in an interview.

“I had to drop out of school when I was in Form Three in the 3rd Term in 2013.

“This was after a terrible headache. I thought it was just something that will pass.

“However, I could tell that my eyesight in one of my eyes was gone. I later went with my family to consult a doctor who said he could not diagnose any problem.

“We later looked for a second opinion but the doctor demanded US$250 for the medical process to take place unfortunately my family could not afford and that’s when the horror began.

“I am now appealing from well-wishers to assist me so that I can go back to the doctor.”

Prudence also narrated how losing her eyesight has affected her in other life activities.

“I had a dream of going to school to get some education and be an independent women but now, it is a pipe dream, and if I don’t get assistance it never come true.

“My friends have deserted me; I know it is because of my condition. This is painful.

“Imagine, I now spend the whole day idle although I sometimes try to occupy myself through performing some household chores.”

Prudence is now under the care of her sister, first-born in her family with the assistance from her brother.

“My favourite food shwarma, next time when you come please bring me together with 100% juice,” Prudence said with a grin.

“As you go back the world must know that this is a painful experience and I do not want someone to be in my situation.”

For those who want to assist


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New Zimbabwe

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