Sanctions Hold Back Development of Nations

Cuba understands very well the nature of the unilateral economic sanctions.

For 60 years, successive US governments have imposed an iron and inhuman economic, financial and commercial blockade on Cuba.

Cuban people have been creative and have firmly resisted the onslaught of the worst economic siege, which has tried to suffocate the nation.

The sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe are also illegal and unfair, are affecting the strategy that the Zimbabwe government has put in place to develop the country and affect the daily life of the common people.

Those who said the sanctions do not target the population, but some members of the leadership of Zanu PF, are lying.

The restrictions to the access of international credits, to the promotion of foreign investments in the country, and free trade with other countries provoke the general impoverishment of the country.

The strategy of the imposer of such kind of economic-financial sanctions is clear – it is to create discontent among the population, to stimulate the internal opposition and political instability.

But they could not surrender our resistance.

Cuba and Zimbabwe have been victims of international campaigns of slander and discredit.

We do not have a choice for keeping fighting for our independence and sovereignty.

Zimbabwe has faced, bravely, 20 years of economic sanctions and political harassment.

In spite of all the restrictions and necessities, Zimbabwe did not give up because this is a question of defending the principles and ethics that lead the liberation struggle.

The Cuban government salutes the initiative of SADC to declare October 25 the Day of Solidarity with Zimbabwe for the removal of all forms of sanctions.

Cuba reiterates its solidarity to continue working together with Zimbabwe in denouncing in all international scenarios, particularly at United Nations, the inhuman nature of unilateral sanctions to our countries.

The sanctions are the biggest impediments to the development of our nations.

HE Carmelina Ramirez is the Ambassador of Cuba to Zimbabwe.

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