Say no to Chamisa’s chauvinism

Another day, another derogatory, sexist and chauvinist remark by MDC-T President Nelson Chamisa. There have been the discussions, the criticisms and the analyses, but all is left to say is that Chamisa’s contempt for women sadly appears to bepathological.

Apparently, it is not just all women he finds contemptible but members of his own family, now including his wife.

Yesterday, at his ‘Run for Change’ event, Chamisa introduced his clearly uncomfortable wife to the small watching crowd. Rather than let her speak her mind and talk, Chamisa immediately shamed her by comparing her, like a piece of cattle, to First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa. If that wasn’t bad enough, Chamisa went on to assure his supporters that his wife would stay at home in State House, should he be elected, not like the current First Lady.

Anyone who is familiar with Auxillia Mnangagwa, knows that she is a woman of virtue, is humble and thinks of other people first. Her work “out of the house” involves caring about underprivileged children through her Angel of Hope Foundation. She regularly visits children’s Homes, Old People’s homes and hospitals. Only in the last couple of daysthe First Lady has donated two and a half tonnes of rice and 300 litres of cooking oil to the elderly in Bulawayo, and spent time with locals among the reclusive Doma, where she was seen kneeling and listening to the life and challenges of this poor group.

That Chamisa is saying to the First Lady to stop her charitable work and stay at home is an egregious sin, but it is dwarfed by the embarrassment he caused his wife who looked like she would rather be anywhere else when her husband said those condescending words.

Perhaps she is still smarting from Chamisa’s previous gaffe when the MDC leader bragged that he could “score” with any woman he liked.

Chamisa believes a woman, wife, sister, or whatever, should be subservient and obedient and remain in the home without a life of her own.

He sees women as second-class citizens and he clearly wants us to know our place.

However, the 52% of Zimbabweans who are women will remember our place at the ballot box. We will remember what Chamisa thinks of us and know what would happen if God forbid he gains power.

Women’s rights would clearly regress and our status would be far lesser under a Chamisa presidency.

Chamisa likes to talk about how young he is, unfortunately, his views and morals are those of a dinosaur. His only consideration of women are as concubines and subservient property to be bartered by men.

The fact that he keeps getting himself into hot water over repeatedly sexist and demeaning comments demonstrates clearly that this is something deep seated and not just a series of throw-away comments.

While the economy, jobs and the cash crisis are absolutely vital issues in the upcoming elections,

I don’t see how any woman can vote for someone who sees them as somehow lesser beings. Our rights will not be met, gender equality and equity will massively regress and it will become open season for every sexist and chauvinist in Zimbabwe who shares Chamisa’s contemptible views.

When Chamisa used sexism to get rid of female political opponents, we were silent. When he offered his sister in a wager, we were silent.

When he told a crowd that he could “score” with any women he wished, we were silent.

When he tells his wife and all women, their place is in the home and they should have no goals beyond that, we can no longer remain silent.

This could become the issue of the elections.

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