Sculptor Benhura Reflects On Covid-19

Sculptor Dominic Benhura has said 2020i s a forgettable year for him as had to shelve some of his planned exhibitions.

Benhura said this year he had more than three international exhibitions that were cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I miss my friends and workmates,” he said. “We could not meet up to now because of the global pandemic. All of my colleagues have stayed home because of Covid-19. I had three shows which were scheduled for the United States and United Arab Emirates.

“All my intended shows were cancelled and I hope next year things will be different.”

Benhura said he will resume working for the intended pieces.

“I will do a local solo exhibition before I go on to the international exhibition,” he said. “I have been in touch with my foreign friends and if the restrictions are eased, I hope to invite them so they can stage exhibitions.”

Benhura said his 2021 dream was to see more workshops and collaborations of local and foreign artists to develop the sculpture sector.

“I have noticed there are some local sculptors who are producing good interesting original work, but they lack platform and support,” he said. “Again, because of Covid-19, it was difficult for them to sell their wares and they struggled to make ends meet because some of the tourists and dealers are still on lockdown in their respective countries.

“Covid-19 has affected a lot of people. However, in 2021 we should change our mindset and have more exhibition shows, workshops and collaborations.”

Benhura said sculptors should not lose hope, but embrace the virtual platforms. “Now things are much easier, you can host your own exhibition online and start marketing yourself,” he said.

Benhura said the last piece he worked on was called “Reflections” which had been already showcased at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

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