Second meeting decisions matrix


  1. Update on the acquisition of four B777-200 ER aircraft from Malaysia and the delivery of the Embraer aircraft purchased from the United States of America.

Cabinet Decision

Following a presentation by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development and cognisant of the urgent imperative to rebuild the national airline, Air Zimbabwe, Cabinet resolved as follows:

(a) to proceed post-haste with the acquisition of the four Boeing 777 aircraft from Malaysia and

(b) to work on the expeditious delivery of the Embraer aircraft purchased in the United States of America

  1. Public Enterprises

Reform Programme

As the implementation of the Public Enterprises Reform gathers pace, Cabinet considered specific proposals on the reform of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority and Grain Marketing Board and resolved as follows:

(a) Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA)

(i) to merge all the Group’s companies into a single vertically integrated company with the subsidiary companies becoming divisions of the new enterprise;

(ii) to amend the Electricity Act (Chapter 13:19) in order to cater for the proposed changes in the structure of ZESA;

(iii) to engage a reputable Human Resources consultant to advise Government on the best structure for the rebundled ZESA and

(iv) as a consequence of this reform, that Powertel be hived-off from ZESA and be merged with Zarnet and Africom;

(b) Grain Marketing Board (GMB)  that the GMB be split into two entities, that is, the arm responsible for the Strategic Grain Reserve function and the creation of Silo Food Industries as a commercial business entity.

  1. The Zimbabwe National Labour Migration Policy

The Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare presented the Zimbabwe National Labour Migration Policy. Key features of the Policy are as follows:

  1. Promotion of the ratification and domestication of key regional and international instruments on labour migration;
  2. Protection and empowerment of migrant workers against abusive recruitment practices and to facilitate establishment of bilateral labour agreements with receiving countries.
  3. To enable Zimbabwe to harness the benefits of labour migration through, for example, ensuring the portability of social benefits of Zimbabwean labour migrants;
  4. Promoting the generation of data and information to enhance sound policy making and implementation in the domain of labour migration.

Over and above the foregoing, Cabinet noted that the labour migration policy will strengthen the rights of labour migrants and their families, and accordingly approved the Zimbabwe National Labour Migrant Policy.

  1. Preliminary Report by the Ad hoc Cabinet Committee on Emergency Measures to bring relief to business and communities affected by the recent violent demonstrations

Following presentation of an interim report by the Ad hoc Committee on Emergency Measures to Bring Relief to Business and Communities affected by the recent violent disturbances.

Cabinet noted the need to bring urgent relief to the communities and business affected by the recent violent demonstrations and approved that a special fund be set up for that purpose. The Ad hoc Committee was tasked to expeditiously work out the finer details and modalities of the fund and to report back at the next meeting.

  1. Donation toward repairs for the Theatre Storeroom damaged by fire at Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Wing

Following reports of the destruction of a theatre store at the Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Wing the previous week, Cabinet approved the urgent disbursement of US$2 million towards the repair of the damaged infrastructure.

  1. Principles of the amendment of the Public Order and Security Act, and the Immigration Act.

Following presentation by the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage of the Principles for the amendment of the Public Order and Security Act and the Immigration Act in order to align them with the Zimbabwean Constitution. Cabinet approved the principles, thus paving way for the drafting of the actual Bills.

Source : The Herald

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