Seh Calaz Consoles Mai Titi

Controversial dancehall musician Seh Calaz (real name Tawanda Mumanyi)’s song ‘Zvichanaka’ seems to have caused tension between him and comedian Mai Titi whom the song was dedicated to. The song meant to console Mai Titi after her Facebook breakdown making claims that her ex-husband was abusive and had also infected her with HIV, appears to have been met with negativity from the comedian.

Seh Calaz said Mai Titi had accused him of recording the song as a publicity stunt.

“Thank you very much for reaching out. I would have greatly loved and appreciated it (talking about the song) but in this case at the moment it is becoming a hindrance because the other side seems to share the sentiment that I recorded that track with the sole intent of getting publicity, and as you can see it will fuel that sentiment more,” he said.

He added that he would love to get publicity but not in a way that made the subject of his song feel uncomfortable.

“As much as every artist doesn’t mind more publicity on this one track I seem to have tied my own progress and have been trying to not ride this wave,” he said.

Zvichanaka’s close to two hour recording session at Solid Records was broadcast live on Facebook. The song is packed with consolation messages while encouraging Mai Titi to stand tall and move on with her life. He mentions how Mai Titi has played a major role in making people laugh through her skits in the song.

In an interview with Herald Insight, Mai Titi said she was touched by the song.

“It’s beautiful, way too emotional,” she said. “For him (Seh Calaz) to sit down and write a song after hearing my story means he felt something. If he thought of taking advantage for himself then it’s only God who knows.

“The fact that he dedicated a song for me I thank him but only he knows what his intentions were. If it was true love then bless him.”

A Faith Hakata Baxter commented that the song can console anyone going through the same situation.

“Well done guys, you have done well and it’s such an uplifting tune for everyone who is in the same situation,” she said.

Another comment from a Phathiwe Nkomo Chinyere encouraged Mai Titi to stay strong.

“Mai Titi she is hurt about her health. Stay positive for the sake of your children. Scientist are still researching about this deadly disease HIV very soon people will be tested negative,” she said.

‘Zvichanaka’ already has a video on YouTube.

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