Seh Calaz Re-Ignites Soul Jah Love Rivalry

The rivalry between top dancehall chanters Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love is far from over.

While it seemed the duo had desisted from using hate language against each other, Seh Calaz has released a song that is a direct attack on Soul Jah Love.

In 2014, the two had a physical confrontation on stage at the City Sports Centre Sting event resulting in the situation degenerating into chaos that involved fans.

They went on to have a cold war through songs and became a bad example of violence that many condemned in Zimdancehall.

The dust seemed to have settled over the past months, but Seh Calaz is not keen on letting the feud die.

His yet-to-be-released song that can be titled “Hovhio” or “Defend Your Title” has leaked and it is a shot at his rival.

The song was produced by PTK at Bodyslam Records and is part of the Madirirano Riddim, a brainchild of executive producer of Bodyslam Records Simba “DJ Trouble” Chakare.

A video of the recording session of the song found its way on social media and Boss Yala, as Seh Calaz is affectionately known, challenges an unnamed artiste to defend his title and goes on to refer to issues related to insanity.

This was in apparent reference to Soul Jah Love who was crowned King of the Dancehall at the 2017 Zimdancehall Awards.

Recently Soul Jah Love’s actions led people to question the stability of his mind following revelations by his wife Bounty Lisa that he sometimes hallucinates and linked the development to drug and substance abuse.

Bounty Lisa made the allegations after she was reporttedly bashed by Soul Jah Love.

Seh Calaz apparently found a theme for a song.

Some lyrics on the song go: “Zvako zvekuti wakupenga, ziva kwekupengera Jah Man, just defend your title.”

In an interview, Seh Calaz confirmed the song was directed at Soul Jah Love, but accused his rival of starting the conflict.

“He started a long time ago and it is his nature. He always picks fights in a subtle way and he thinks I don’t read it.

The only issue is that when I reply, I do it with punch and power hence my reply gets to the people fast and easy.

I am also telling him to defend his title because I am defending mine and handipere zvekumhanya,” he said.

Seh Calaz said the “Pamamonya Ipapo” hitmaker should stop disrespecting him but focus on defending his title in music.

Efforts to get a comment from Soul Jah Love were fruitless as his mobile number was not reachable.

But one of his close associates declared they are ever ready for any lyrical war.

“Chibaba hachikwate zvemafunnies izvo, tisu madzimambo emangoma sezvamunoziva,” said one Junior Supa from Soul Jah Love’s camp.

Previously, Calaz attacked Soul Jah Love ‘below the belt’ as he sang about his alleged impotence.

The song is titled “Zvinoita Hupenyu” and in the track Seh Calaz skillfully engaged a mocking tactic where he appeared to be empathising with his former friend.

Those who can read between the lines could easily tell that the song was silently mocking his rival.

Meanwhile, Soul Jah Love is in the studio with an artiste called Tanaka Nyakudanga and they are about to conclude production of a track called “Wandifonyora”.

On the other hand, Seh Calaz is also busy making videos for his six-track rockers reggae album titled “Seh Calaz Lovers Reggae”.

The album carries a rendition of the late John Chibadura’s “Mudiwa Janet” and love songs fill the project.

Other tracks include “Sorry”, “Tirimurudo” and “Ndanga Ndakusuwa”.

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