Sekeremayi enters Presidential race

Itai Mushekwe

COLOGNE– Artful defence minister, Sydney Sekeramayi, has made a quiet entry into the race of being nominated one of Zanu PF’s two new vice presidents, when the party meets for a do or die elective congress in December, The Telescope News, can confirm.

Sekeramayi, according to a high ranking army officer, was almost certain of getting the post of second vice president, after reportedly earning the full support of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) power brokers, who have now openly shown a suspicious ambition to assist former defence minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, to become the first vice president, thus allowing him an open cheque to replace President Robert Mugabe, even quite possibly before the end of the year or early 2015.

“The military does not want to make a putsch, but rather have Sekeramayi deputising Mnangagwa, in the civilian business of Zimbabwe,” said the officer working close to the Quartermaster in the capital. “This means that Mnangagwa now has a realistic chance of becoming the next president, and Sekeramayi, should become the country’s vice president if things are to go as planned, unless something else comes up.”

The Telescope News, has also been told that Ambassador Simon Khaya-Moyo, who is the current party chairman, and had hitherto been poised to win nomination of the second vice president post, is under pressure to make way for Sekeramayi in exchange of a senior cabinet post later.

Khaya-Moyo’s political fortunes seem to be on the wane, following allegations of having links to VP Joice Mujuru, who is sure of being stripped the influential post, following a war cry by Grace Mugabe to Zanu PF women, youths, and war vets to force Mujuru out, over corruptions allegations, and revelations that Mujuru was courting American and British help to dislodge Mugabe from office prematurely.

Mujuru has refuted all the allegations, maintaining that she is not a “sell-out”.

This publication also has it on good account, that outgoing Women’s League boss, Oppah Muchinguri, still has a fair chance of becoming the second vice president, in the case that, the First Lady, decides to back her bid, although it is now highly unlikely as Grace herself appears to see a practical opening for herself to fill in the position, while laying the ground for a 2018 run for the top job.

There has been growing alarm, and concern over the first lady’s safety and security, as many feel she might unfortunately end up being assassinated, as certain hardline elements in the party are said not to be warming up, to the prospect of having her as president. Dr Mugabe’s security details have been beefed-up, and she now moves around with a “special motorcade” of her own specification.

Intelligence sources said Grace, is comfortable with Sekeramayi and Mnangagwa filling the two vice president slots, because the duo are better positioned and trusted to protect her vast business interest in the country unlike Mujuru.

“The first lady is happy, so long as VP Mujuru does not get re-elected. With the Women’s league leadership post, now in her bag, she knows Mujuru will be a weakened politician without, a meaningful party post. At best she might earn a politburo seat, but only with Mugabe’s generosity.”

Sekeramayi has not openly declared interest in running for the vice presidency nor to succeed Mugabe, but is said to have been made an offer to be the second VP, for “national security reasons” by one influential top commander, who is thought to have at one time decided to switch to politics, and have a go at Mugabe’s job, but now appears content with his still very powerful office.

Let’s do this my man: Mnangagwa seems to be saying to Sekeramayi.

“Everything in this country has already been carefully planned,” another army officer said. “The military is driving the process, but the driver has to be a hand-picked Zanu PF politician, who will not sellout the idles of the liberation struggle and land reform. Mnangagwa and Sekeramayi are the only candidates, at the moment who can satisfy this criteria, therefore it makes sense for them to run the country. Neither of them has been linked to America or Britain, and again they are among a few senior Zanu PF officials, who were not implicated in the WikiLeaks saga.”

The Telescope News, understands that, Sekeramayi’s elevation to second VP if unhindered, will create a new precedent whereby the powerful cabinet post of defence minister, shall potentially be filled by a woman on a full-time basis and not acting capacity.

Some of the names that are being mentioned include Muchinguri, Senate president Edna Madzongwe, and politburo member Olivia Muchena.

Meanwhile, China seems to be also endorsing Sekeremayi, after becoming the first foreign nation to declare an interest in Mugabe’s succession by allegedly funding Mnangagwa, from the closet in Beijing.

Sekeramayi flew to Beijing on 9 October for “talks” with his Chinese counterpart, Chang Wanquan.

According to Chinese media reports, Chang said that the bilateral ties between China and Zimbabwe have been developing in a healthy and smooth way since the diplomatic relations between the two countries were established.

“General Chang expressed his satisfaction with the close contacts between the militaries of the two countries as evidenced by the frequent group visits and well-cooperated personnel training,” a report in the ChinaMil said.

“The Chinese military cherishes the traditional friendship between the two militaries and is willing to make joint efforts with the Zimbabwean military to push forward the further development of the military-to-military friendly relations as well as the comprehensive and in-depth development of the bilateral ties between countries, said Chang Wanquan during the meeting.”

Before their so called talks, Chang Wanquan held a red-carpet welcome ceremony for Sekeramayi.

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