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Senator David Coltart blasts Mugabe’s hypocrisy

“Only a government that subjects itself to the rule of law has any moral right to demand of its citizens obedience to the rule of law.”

Robert Mugabe uttered those excellent words in his victory speech to the Nation of Zimbabwe on 4 March 1980. I fully subscribe to those sentiments but wonder if Robert Mugabe ever truly believed what he was saying and, if he did, what he thinks now that almost 35 years on the government he has presided over has consistently breached that principle. Ever since ZANU PF came to power there has been one set of laws for the general populace, and a separate one for the ruling elite.

It is no wonder that Zimbabwe has become such a ragged nation – the potholes and filth in our cities is emblematic of the attitude of a people who live under a government which has no moral right to demand obedience of even basic laws such as anti-littering. Until the Zimbabwean government and its ruling elite make itself subject to all laws this malaise will continue. Until the Zimbabwe government applies all laws to all people equitably we will not become a moral, proud, upstanding Nation.

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