SHIMMER CHINODYA Zimbabwe Author and writer

Shimmer Chinodya (born 1957 Gwelo, then Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland) is a Zimbabwean novelist.
He studied at Mambo Primary School. He was expelled from Goromonzi after demonstrating against Ian Smith’s government. He graduated from the University of Zimbabwe, and from the University of Iowa, with an MA in creative writing, in 1985.
He won the 1990 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, Africa region.


  • Dew in the Morning. Mambo Press. 1982.; Heinemann, 2001, ISBN 978-0-435-91206-2
  • Farai’s Girls (1984)
  • Child of War (1986)
  • Harvest of Thorns (1989)
  • Can we talk and other Stories (1998)
  • Tale of Tamari (2004)
  • Chairman of Fools (2005)
  • Strife. African Books Collective. 2006. ISBN 978-1-77922-058-5.
  • Tindo’s Quest, Longman Zimbabwe (Pvt) (January 2011), ISBN 177903492X

ISBN 978-1779034922


On Boxing Day, 22 December 2014, Shimmer Chinodya caused a stir at a Harare Hospital when he stripped naked and started threatening hospital workers. Police were called and they took him away and released him later without any charges. Reached for a comment by reporters, Chinodya threatened to sue the reporters if they leaked the story.

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