Shiri Calls for Peace, Calm . . . Warns Independents

Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Minister Perrance Shiri has called on all Zimbabweans to remain united and peaceful during and after the forthcoming harmonised elections.

Zimbabwe will hold the harmonised elections on July 30, with 23 candidates eyeing the presidential office.

Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at a rally held at Nhakiwa Business Centre in Uzumba District on Sunday, Minister Shiri said everyone should remain peaceful regardless of political status.

“Let us all show maturity and remain peaceful now and after the elections,” he said. “We all know that our President ED Mnangagwa is the man of the moment, he is our President and he is a peaceful man who shuns violence at all costs, that is why he is always advocating for non- violent elections.

“I am proud of you all Zanu-PF supporters for taking heed of President ED Mnangagwa’s call to be peaceful and supportive.”

Minister Shiri condemned the attacks on President Mnangagwa at White City Stadium in Bulawayo on Saturday, saying those behind the violence were possessed by evil spirits.

“Yesterday (Saturday) someone with the spirit of Legion threw an explosive object like a hand grenade in an attempt to kill our leadership. We do not know the motive behind the attacks on innocent blood, but we have never seen such terrorist actions since independence,” he said.

“However, as Zanu-PF we are peaceful and we will leave the police to do their job and we hope the culprits will be caught.”

Minister Shiri said Zimbabwe needed President Mnangagwa, whose experience can steer the nation to greener pastures.

“As we go into elections, vote for President ED Mnangagwa, he has been in Government for a long time and he knows what is needed and not needed for this country to be economically developed,” he said.

“(Within) only a few months in office has had restored relations with most of the Western countries and lured a huge number of investors in Zimbabwe.”

Minister Shiri urged party supporters to remain firm, united and not to give in to some promises from other parties saying the promises are not real.

“Do not be fooled by some promises from these people,” he said. How can someone promise you a bullet train yet he failed to just maintain a road from Kuwadzana suburb to town? They are running Harare City Council but there is a lot of sewage flowing around Harare every day, yet they promise you airports in every village, do not be fooled.” Minister Shiri took a moment to advise those who turned their backs on Zanu-PF after losing primary elections that they will not succeed as independent candidates.

“Zanu-PF supporters will not follow you when you choose to be independent because they know that the party is bigger than an individual and the party will always succeed,” he said.

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The Herald

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