Sikhala free, savages Mugabe

Charges of treason against MDC founding member Job Sikhala flopped on Thursday resulting in Wiwa walking out “a hero” as described by some.

Sikhala stormed out of police cells after his brief incarceration the night before having been arrested in Beitbridge on charges of plotting to asssassinate President Robert Mugabe.

The cops produced a dodgy recording purporting to be his voice and were dressed down by his layer Alec Muchadehama.

Announcing his release, Sikhala said in full: “I am just waking up now after my release from the hands of Robert Mugabe’s evil securocrats who tormented me from yesterday in the morning to early hours of today trying to squeeze charges that I am plotting the tyrant’s overthrow.

“I told them that it is not only my desire to see Mugabe gone but it is the wish shared by million of Zimbabweans both locally and in the diaspora including the majority in his own party. I told them though it is the wish of us millions, I haven’t yet started plotting his downfall.

“Asking for evidence about the plot, they produced an inaudible voice recorder which makes the Ari Ben Menashe one the best recordings in the world. You can hardly hear anything. It must have been an attempt to create my voice from some stupid idiot from the street. Even Alic Muchadehama who led the entourage of lawyers who came to fight the battle laughed at them that they appeared stupid. There was nothing, nothing except the inaudible recording. They thought by endless interrogation I can incriminate myself not knowing I have gone through their stupid ways of interrogations even under their torture.
“Evil failed to prevail. When Muchadehama challenged them whether they have found a charge against his client, they only blinked their eyes, clearly frustrated. When he demanded for my immediate release they could not stop the inevitable. My dear brothers and sisters, when your conscience tells you that you are fighting for the good don’t be afraid of these evil men and women among ourselves used to subject us into servitude. Dying fighting for a noble cause for generations to come is an honour.

“We should never get frustrated by these incercerations but we must be embodied to fight for a just cause. There is no tomorrow in Mugabe and his crew. He has to go. The true people’s’ plot is coming. It’s truly coming and it will be people driven. The country is pregnant with anger. I am also angry. Let’s wait for the day.”

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