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SK Moyo pays tribute to Father Zimbabwe

Geraldine Zaranyika Herald Reporter
Late Vice President and founding nationalist Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo was a national leader who played a leading role in fostering unity in the country.

This was said by Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo in a statement to mark 20 years of the passing on of Father Zimbabwe.

“He was not only a nationalist of national standing, but a leader of immense courage who hated tribalism, regionalism and racism to the marrow. He led from the front with precision, throughout the years of the protracted liberation struggle until victory in 1980,’’ Cde Khaya Moyo said.

Cde Khaya Moyo said Zimbabweans cherished the good works of Dr Nkomo, describing him as a man of purpose who was determined to achieve peace, humanity and national unity by always putting the interests of the nation above his own.

“He was never power-hungry hence his signing of the Unity Accord between the two former liberation movements, Zapu and Zanu, in December 1987 to speed the process of unity and peace. He loved humanity, we miss the mountain, we miss the shade, and we miss a man of purpose, principle, perseverance, charisma and prayer,” Cde Khaya Moyo said

“On 1 July 1999, 20 years ago, Zimbabwe was thrown into total darkness, bewilderment, uncertainty, disbelief, national pain and shock for Father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo departed this world.

“The rumour of his demise after an excruciating prostate cancer spread like a veld fire across the nation until officially confirmed on radio and television by the then Head of State.

“The nation was gripped and plunged into mourning, for a world renowned icon, a colossus, a giant of unique leadership qualities, a father figure, a visionary, a fountain of wisdom, granary of knowledge, a sea of humility; a key to unity, peace and development, a legend of all time had gone mysteriously without saying farewell to the nation. It wa

s a painful moment, it is still painful today and will be for times ahead.”

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the herald

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