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South African government deports and declares war on Zimbabweans in South Africa

The South Africa Department of Home Affairs has launched a crackdown on illegal South African passport holders intending to enter or leave Zimbabwe through the Beitbridge border post.

According to Limpopo Mirror, the operation, which started on New Year’s Day, mainly targets Zimbabweans who are in possession of South African travel documents after having allegedly acquired national IDs fraudulently.

An official at the Home Affairs department at Beitbridge, who declined to be named, confirmed the ongoing blitz to Limpopo Mirror.

“There is nothing new about the exercise; it is a just routine operation that Home Affairs conducts every year, especially after the festive season, to flush out foreigners who fraudulently acquired South African passports. There is a special team which was deployed to Beitbridge by our head office to conduct the exercise,” said the official.

One of the affected Zimbabweans using a South African passport said that when he arrived at the immigration counters, a female official started questioning him.

“She then took my passport and gave me a form to complete, saying she doubted whether I was a genuine South African. I was ordered to go back to Zimbabwe.”


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  • canismajor

    This article lacks any real information. How many people have been deported? Why was the person quoted at the end deported? All that is given is the border official’s subjective inference that “she doubted whether I was a genuine South African.” Come on, do some real data gathering and analysis. Some of us want to know the real reality on the ground please.

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