Stand-out trends of 2019 . . . hello 2020

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Well, every year starts with a bang and 2020 has been no different, with many people looking forward to the brand new year.

It may look as if it is too early to judge and start talking of 2020 lifestyle trends that bug the boat, but it is much wiser to trace back to 2019 trends that made it work.

If you are normally up-to-date with all things trending – including how owning a Porsche car was on top of the bucket list then do not worry as some trends from last year will still cross the bridge, while others have already died a natural death.

So, many people still ask what defines a year?

Some people will take an anxious look back based on its terrible news events, televised moments, accidents, shocking deaths, musical triumphs, events launch, weddings and work promotions, among other things, and probably conclude that it has been a very wild or joyous year indeed.

Last year had us all clutching onto a lot of things, but some of the things were not taken care of well, rather taken for granted.

Let us look at last year’s trends that bug the heat and as mentioned, congratulations to those that still continue.

Shocking romantic engagements and matching outfits

When local man, Makhosana Mguni proposed to his girlfriend Belinda Nyoni at Chicken Inn Drive Thru in Bulawayo, he never knew that he was going to become a celebrity.

For him it was just an ordinary surprise proposal, but alas it became trending with most couples taking up the initiative, making it a public affair. The trend has even spread as far as South Africa, with many going an extra mile.

Mguni’s proposal attracted well wishers who eventually helped him with planning the wedding.

Somehow, it ended up not a surprise engagement as couples are now planning together.

It is now a must have for all young couples. We hope this trend is natural and will continue this year.

Lobola matching outfits is another trend which topped the charts in 2019.

Matching outfits

In the past, the day of lobola payment was exciting for the families and friends of the couple.

Like one writer said, the groom and his companions would turn up in formal attire in order to prove to the in-laws that they were people of substance.

The real deal was always going to be the white wedding and everyone reserved their best for the showcase.

Couples now feel strongly that wearing matching traditional attires and having a lobola squad wearing similar outfits with the ones getting married is a necessity because there is a desire to make a statement on the day.

The African renaissance has once again hit the local scene and turned the traditional wedding into a big day in its own right, not a hurdle to be gotten out of the way before the actual wedding.

Wearing an African attire with a stylish Nigerian head gear; an enormous buffet; a tiered cake and dancing the night away – is fast becoming a trend during lobola ceremonies in Zimbabwe.

Trendy furnitures from faux fur to headboards

When it comes to crafting the perfect home, every design enthusiast knows that furniture can make or break a space.

Choosing the right pieces either custom-made or the popular West Elmcan elevate your entire home aesthetic. Thomas Masiya of Fluffy headboards and chest drawers confirmed that in 2019 he made a fortune selling the designed headboards.

A lot of celebrities went on social media posting their bedrooms, posing by the headboard and it is a trend, which has also crossed into 2020.

Trendy bedroom

“I think as Zimbabweans, we were lagging behind when it comes to decorating our bedrooms,” said Masiya.

“I started upholstering as a hobby, little did I know that it is something which many people would die for. The good thing about this is that the headboard can be removed, cleaned at anytime.”

Again the headboard gives the versatility to add style and character to the existing bed.

Last year saw faux fur also dominating when it comes to decorating homes. The big wall arm clocks seem they are still here to stay too.

Online all the time

This one takes the crown in 2019 and we can say has survived to 2020 and more years to come. Let’s face it, that is where we are heading – online, social media in particular has dominated most lifestyles.

We are already streaming most of what we watch, with services like Netflix, Showmax and DStv Now, and online shopping has just about become the norm.

Your smart phone will become even more of an extension of yourself, so be sure to manage your screen-time. The internet has shaped the world and it seems it is now a necessity not a luxury.

Having body goals

Going to the gym was once a simple and solitary affair – tapping your desired pace in the treadmill, plugging in your headphones in and approaching your run as though it’s just another chore to tick off a to-do list along with buying dinner, feeding the cat and hoovering your flat.

Last year saw many people, apart from joining gyms, managing to participate at sponsored walks, marathon festivals and doing yoga and zumba to stay in shape.

Whether you were slowing things down with a candlelit yoga class, upping the ante with boxing cardio or taking a simulated surfing class, one thing is for sure – fitness finally became fun again.

It has become a lifestyle and this trend is here to stay.

Travel diaries

2020 promises to be another monumental year for travel and we are glad that 2019 saw many Hollywood celebrities visiting the Victoria Falls.

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The Herald

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