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Should People Who Transmit HIV Be Prosecuted? [opinion]

Should People Who Transmit HIV Be Prosecuted? [opinion] By Ashleigh Furlong And Nathan Geffen Aug. 11, 2016 (All Africa Global Media) — Many have been found guilty despite lack of scientific evidence Should people who transmit HIV be prosecuted? This was the subject of discussion at the International Aids conference …

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‘90% of #Zimbabwe youths unemployed’ #ThisFlag

THE National Association of Youth Organisations (Nayo) says 90% of youths in the country are unemployed, with universities and colleges churning out graduates that fail to secure jobs. by VENERANDA LANGA Nayo director, Misheck Gondo said the youth were concerned by the government’s failure to fulfil its 2013 electoral promise …

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​Former #Zimbabwe vice-president Mujuru: Mugabe did not participate in liberation struggle, he was hiding #ThisFlag

Joice Mujuru stated that the president often exaggerates his involvement in the liberation and has asked him to prove his credentials. Joice Mujuru and Robert Mugabe before she was axed as vice-president of Zimbabwe. (AFP) Zimbabwe’s former vice-president Joice Mujuru has questioned President Robert Mugabe’s war credentials following the recent …

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#Zimbabwe president Mugabe to sieize smartphones and jail 5 years for social media insults #ThisFlag

Peta Thornycroft, johannesburg 7 AUGUST 2016 • 6:58PM New legislation will allow Zimbabwe’s police to seize smartphones, laptops and other “gadgets” to prevent people from communicating via social media. Several demonstrations and a one-day national strike were organised over social media. These outbreaks of unrest have unnerved President Robert Mugabe’s bankrupt government. One …

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#Zimbabwe has stupid leaders

These dumb people are running the country! By Dr Richard McGown,Our Reader Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri This was “revealed” by Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri when she was asked if Zimbabwe would pull out of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in protest against it banning ivory sales. …

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Zimbabwe to charge black farmers rent for land seized from whites #thisflag

Annual rentals for farms will be paid to Zimbabwean government. Godfrey Marawanyika and Brian Latham, Bloomberg  |  2 August 2016 01:03 Zimbabwe is considering charging rent to black subsistence farmers who settled on large-scale commercial farms confiscated mainly from white owners during state-backed invasions and may repossess land from those who …

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