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Most water users unknowingly contribute to their own high water bills. It is very important for water users to practice water efficiency whenever they use the resource, be it in the home or in the field.

Water efficiency helps users to keep their bills in check at the same assisting Zinwa in ensuring that the available water can be spread among more users for sustainability and equity.

The water conservation tips can result in significant reductions in the amount of water one uses in the home or in the field and consequently what one pays at the end of the month.

Water users can therefore take greater control of their water use and resultant bills by practicing all or some of the following water conservation tips.

In the home

Avoid leaving the tap running while doing laundry. Make sure that the level of water in the washer is proportionate to the amount of clothes that need to be washed.

Fill the sink with water rather than continually running the tap when washing dishes by hand. Where a double basin sink is available, it is encouraged to fill one basin with soapy water for washing while the other basin will be filled with rinsing water.

Water can also be significantly saved by using a glass/cup of water when one is brushing their teeth rather than keeping the tap running.

Toilets should not be used as ashtrays or trash canes. Avoid flushing a cigarette butt, facial tissue or other small bits of trash. There are many other means of disposing them that do not involve water.

Check your toilet for leaks and make sure that water stops flowing from the bowl immediately after flushing.

Water users should avoid using hose pipes for minor chores such as car washing. Instead one can clean the car using soapy water from a bucket.

A horse pipe can only be used for rinsing. It also saves water to use a broom, and not a hose pipe, to clean drive ways and pavements.

Avoid running the shower throughout the bathing period. Most people waste a lot of water during bathing because they turn on the shower as soon as they step into the bathroom and leave it running throughout the bathing period. It is advisable to turn off the shower while soaping up and then turn it on when rinsing.

In most circumstances, it takes some time before hot water start coming out of the shower even after the geyser has been turned on. More often, nobody takes care of the cold water that comes out first. Needless to say however, that water can easily be collected and used for other purposes.

For those who own swimming pools, it is advisable to put a cover above the pool to reduce water loss through evaporation.

When emptying swimming pools, the water can be used for other purposes such as watering the lawn, flowers or cleaning cars

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