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Tanya ready for new season

Collin Matiza Sports Editor
AFTER finishing third overall in the 85cc Class during last December’s Zimbabwe Summer Series, the country’s top female motocross rider, Tanya Muzinda, feels there’s still room for improvement as she gears up for the South African nationals.

Muzinda is the most decorated female motocross rider in Zimbabwe, who wants to be the face of the sport in Africa.

The 12-year-old biker also said lack of proper sponsorship hampered her progress during the 2016 season which saw her missing almost all of the local club and national championship races.

“The 2016 season was a painful one for me because after having graduated to race in the 85cc Class from the 65cc Class, I first found myself failing to find a proper bike to ride on in this class and this forced me not to compete in the club and national championship series for the whole year,” Muzinda said.

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