Teachers Adamant Schools Not Ready for Re-Opening

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has reiterated that Government’s decision to go ahead with re-opening of schools is ill timed.

Speaking during an interview with 263Chat, PTUZ secretary general Raymond Majongwe said the country is not ready for resumption of schools.

“The honest answer is we are not ready. There are people who are saying we are ready because they have their own problems they have their own agenda. In this particular case Gvt wants schools to reopen because they want the money. Private schools want the money and some people who want to sell sanitisers and make money out of the education sector are saying schools should open.

“As a country what have we put in place to protect the teachers? Absolutely nothing, we have a Government that is talking of figures. Only two days ago they were saying we have set aside ZWL$300 million for PPEs and everything and 24 hours later they say they have set aside ZWL$654 million here is a Govt that is saying they are cash strapped where is the money coming from?” said Majongwe

He said the issue is not about re-opening of schools alone but it is also about the welfare of the teachers.

“Teachers are saying we cannot report for duty and are paying transport in US dollars. They cannot feed their families and here is a Government that thinks that by simply announcing a date they have done their homework worse still they go out and say they have organised Zupco buses, the issue is not about buses teachers do not stay in Zupco buses… ..It’s tragic when Government thinks that when they have done what they think is correct they want to impose it and force it down on our throats.”

Majongwe said the Government has not responded to critical issues which include the fumigation of schools used as quarantine centres.

“There is no preparedness of availability of what we have asked for PPEs are not there. We can’t take PPEs that do not meet thee who standards. We have schools which are being used as quarantine centres and they have not been fumigated and these are the things that Government is not responding to.”

The Government has set the 14th of September as the schools’ opening date for Cambridge examination classes and the 28th of September for the commencement of ZIMSEC examination classes with examinations commencing on December 1.

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