The $1. 5 million bribe that silenced Tsvangirai

The only time Tsvangirai and MDC ever stood up to Mugabe was when the party announced that it would not attend the cabinet meeting until Mugabe implemented “all the outstanding issues”. The standoff ended when Mugabe granted Tsvangirai a loan of $1.5 million initially for the MDC leader to buy a house although the government got him a $4 million mansion later.

Mugabe did nothing on any of the really important outstanding political issues like having AG Johanis Tomani and RBZ Governor Gideon Gono removed from their respective positions. MDC had raised those matters to bolster their bargaining position with Mugabe and the later rightly guessed that upgrading the MDC leaders’ gravy train bribes would silence them. It did!

“The loan ($1.5 million) was arranged from above … it was simply a housing facility at a critical juncture in our history as a country and a critical juncture in the life of the government of national unity after their (MDC-T) first disengagement (from the coalition government,” a source in the RBZ told New Zimbabwe.

“How the former prime minister used the money is neither here nor there … but you may recall that he was, later on, able to spring a surprise when he reportedly paid (former wife) Lorcadia Karimatsenga a six figure sum in November 2012 to end their relationship.

“However, he has not repaid a cent and we have a situation now where the government is pressed for money. We expect that Treasury will soon demand that Tsvangirai repay the loan as government is struggling to raise civil servants’ salaries.”

There are those who simply did not want to believe that Tsvangirai and his MDC’s friends failed to implement the democratic reforms necessary for free, fair and credible elections because Mugabe bribed them; now they will have no excuse but to accept this reality.

“Vana Tsvangirai vakapiwa vhara muromo,” boosted one Zanu PF crony in reply to the nagging question why MDC was doing nothing about implementing the democratic reforms three years into the GNU. “Vakadzidza kudya vanyerere!” (Tsvangirai and his friends were bribed. They have since learnt to enjoy the gravy train life quietly.)

What was really surprising though was that after five wasted years in the GNU Tsvangirai and his MDC friends thought they could still go out and win the 2013 elections. They had not implemented any reform because Mugabe paid them well to do nothing and they had kept their end of the bargain and did not to rock the boat. They knew without the reforms Mugabe would rig the elections and they expected to win the elections regardless. They were not just being naive but showed how breathtakingly incompetent they are!

Of course Mugabe went on to blatantly rig the elections shattering the nation’s hopes and dreams of end the Zanu PF dictatorship that had brought so much suffering, misery and death to the nation.

Over the years Zanu PF officials have borrowed billions of dollars from RBZ and other institutions to the buy homes, cars, farm inputs, farm plant and equipment and a myriad of other things and most of these loans have never been repaid. Tsvangirai thought as PM he too was entitled to some of this free money; after all he was doing Mugabe the greatest favour – he would not implement the reform and so save the tyrant from seeing his Zanu PF dictatorship dismantled brick by brick!

Mugabe had granted Tsvangirai the $1.5 million loan and instructed the Police to back off when they tried to investigate the circumstances surround the loan. But now that the tyrant has what he wanted – the dictatorship retained untouched after the GNU – he has no use for Tsvangirai.

Zimbabwe’s history is full of good and honourable men and women Mugabe has used and abused and then discarded like used toilet paper. Take Walter Kamba, for example, Mugabe appointed him chairman of the Election Supervision Commission and deliberately under resourced so that it ineffective. He needed Kamba’s good name to give the elections credibility whilst taking advantage of its ineffectiveness to rig the elections. By the time Walter Kamba retired as Vice Chancellor of UZ and from the Commission; his name was mud.

Mugabe has similarly used Tsvangirai and now the tyrant is moving in to deliver his coup de grace on the former PM – a savage kick in the teeth. Everyone knows MDC is broke; donors have deserted the party disappointed at its failure to implement even one reform and membership fees will not raise much given that most of the members and either unemployed or are kiya kiya vendors.

Whilst other MDC leaders had a profession to fall back on when their gravy train ride ended after the July 2013 rigged elections; Tsvangirai, bambo vangu, had no skills and no gainful employment to do. He could have saved some money during the gravy train GNU years but not Tsvangirai; he squandered it all on generous settlement payments, expensive sea cruises with women of ill repute, etc. Now, he is as rich as Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist when the orphan arrived in London; “Not a farthing!”

It is hard to have any sympathy for people like Tsvangirai; if it was not for his greed and breath-taking incompetence Zimbabwe will be a democracy today and the task of rebuilding the nation will have started in earnest. Instead the nation is still suffering under the yoke of this corrupt and murderous Mugabe regime. No, Tsvangirai deserves all that is coming to him! Indeed, he should be kicked out of the $ 4 million mansion too!

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