The Lord will do what no eye has seen nor ear heard

Bishop Dr B. Manjoro Dunamis
Our God is the Lord of Hosts, He is ready to visit, deliver and minister to us anytime we are ready. If we have a God who is prepared to do things for those that wait upon Him, then there are also some things that also try to block it? What is it that you need or want, our God is able to do it for you. He is able to do beyond what all eyes have seen or ears heard! O hallelujah!

Isaiah 64:4 says, For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for  him.

O hallelujah hallelujah I like it our God is able to do not only good things but what no eye has seen nor ear heard. 2019 is a good year as He visits may He reveal and do to you what no eye has seen nor ear heard nor mind perceived!

If you are to partake of these great blessings first and foremost understand that you are like the company you keep. You are who you spend your time with. Who is your friend? Who speaks into your life? Does it position you closer to God or farther and farther away? You must be careful of what your friends say around you! It can drain or uplift your faith! Faith is the hand that receives from God!

Some people are very good at diverting your attention to failures, and you start to see as if your breakthrough is impossible. Don’t keep someone who judges you by your past, back then who you were and who you are now, things are different. Yesterday is gone, you have become a new creature in Christ Jesus!

Those that make you backslide, detach yourself from them, they are not good friends and will make you miss your visitation. Be with friends like the two men of Emmaus who spoke about Jesus and he visited! Shadrech, Mishech and Abednego were good friends who stood for what was right and God visited them in the fire! O hallelujah hallelujah!

You see Jesus is your true brother, he will tell you that though you failed yesterday, history won’t repeat itself this time, you are a victor. Refuse to hear about the negative past. You might have been so afraid of the future but now through Jesus, you have the boldness of a lion!

You may be a pedestrian but one day you will have your own car, just focus and be determined. Do not be ashamed, for they may know your family background, your growing up and everything but they should get ready to see your victory. You are going somewhere! All limits are broken!

Remember, if you have friends, you also have enemies. God assign angels to watch over you, the enemy also assign spirits to oppose your visitation. The good news is, even though he assigns a thousand demons, we have a powerful God from ancient times. He who was in the beginning, all power and authority gave He us and our victory is guaranteed.

The Lord we have will do what no eye has seen, or ear heard! But if you trust in money, people or education change your perspective, trust in God. He was there in the beginning. Money, people, awards slip away but He is forever! Mark 10;27: For with God all things are possible.

Source : The Herald

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