The match is always yours to win!

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you can’t be successful or happy,” once warned Norman Vincent Peale. Life always requires a dose of faith to propel you to the next glamorous level. Nothing can stop a man of faith, Indeed nothing.


A man who really believes. One who drives his energy from the “sixth sense.”

A man who if he gets at his “Red sea” he can still believe that a way can still be made, nomatter what.

Mountains and hindrances

Even if there is a mountain ahead, there is a way out. You can go through the mountain. You can go around it. There is chance that you can go under it or even above.

Do you know that ordinary people are governed by five senses? But all great inventors that ever lived they used the “sixth sense” to make it in life. The “sixth sense” is what we call faith. Why?

“Because the great successful man of this world used their imagination. They think ahead and create their mental pictures in all its details, filling in here, adding a little there, altering this a bit, but steadily building- steadily building,” roared Robert Collier.

Always bear in your mind that the same effort you use to believe is the same you will use when doubting. In other words, believing and doubting demand the same effort from you. So what can hinder you from believing that you too, can still accomplish amazing results? Choose to believe and throw away doubting.

Don’t be disturbed by what you see today particularly if it’s negative. Just have faith in God. The Bible even says without it, “It is difficult to please God.”

Life delays

A delay is not a denial. Most of the things that seemed impossible later proved to be just possible. So your failure today must not be mistaken as a clear fatal for your future.

Things maybe bad today for you, but that doesn’t mean that they will always be like that. No.

Life may be bitter today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be sweeter again. Your problems, challenges or catastrophes are not a true summary of your real self. Thus you must not permit them to stand as a yardstick of what you can be. What you are today is a partial component of what you can be.

So when life knocks you down, rise up, brush the dust off. Bruises may be there, don’t be discouraged by them. Just arise and shine again. Wipe your eyes and start afresh.

Count your current disasters as blessings that are mearnt to be your launching pad for your greatness. These disasters are always your stepping stones to your success. Step on them knowing that they’re your vehicle for greatness.

Exert yourself under pressure. Keep pressing. Press on until you reach your elasticity limit. You will be surprised that your mental faculties know no limit. They can stretch and whatever level.

It’s not too late

It is not too late to start again. You can start again. It is possible.

Ever heard the story of the great Abraham, the man of unusual faith? He came from an ordinary land. Nothing was special about Ur of the Chaldeans. And yet God still used him.

Many times your past is past, thus it must mean nothing.

Run the race looking foward. Drive your vehicle foward, don’t use your rearview mirrors if you intend to make progress. Rear view mirrors can’t lead you foward. They will only draw you back, back to square zero, back to the beginning.

Abraham and the promise

Abraham knew that, what God had promised, God was able to fulfil.

Remember there’s nothing new under the sun. What happened to him can still happen to you. In fact, there is nothing new that is new.

So Abraham got a promise that he was going to have a child. When the promise came he was well-stricken in age.

As things appeared, it was not possible that he would have a child. Let alone to be a father of many nations. Was that possible?

Sarah on the other hand was old too. She had gone past the menopause stage. So how was she going to have a baby?

But in that condition, Abraham was told, “Look now towards the heaven and tell me if you can be able to number the stars and God said unto him, “so shall thy seed be.”

Here was a challenge that required hairy faith. Faith that had muscles. This is the kind of faith that can move mountains. It is the faith that knew no circumstance. It knew no situation. It knew no boundaries.

Such is the kind of faith you have, but you are just not putting it to use. Exercise it today and you will be amazed by what will come out of you.

When Abraham got this promise, it was not fulfilled the next day. Not in the following week. Surely it went beyond months and years.

It took time. It took ages. If there were people who might have known about the promise and saw it not fulfilled, they might have gone to tell others that it had failed.

People may witness and tell others that yours is an impossible, uphill task. It doesn’t matter, people will always be people.

They may utter, they may waffle, but still it mustn’t be an issue to you. Just know that brighter days are still ahead. Good things are in store for you.

It might have been delayed for Abraham but it still happened. No hindrance is strong enough to block your way. No amount of spiritual power has the capacity to stop you. Be gallant like a fighter. Raise you endurance when pain moves up the pain frequency scale.

Endure if it calls for endurance. Brush it aside if it needs to be brushed. Why? Because the match is always yours to win. It can be done. Be blessed.

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