By Emmanuel Joshua

One of the Prophet’s pains is when he gives prophecies to sons and people whose eyes are hard to see and ears have no ability to hear. The hearts of the people also, have no capacity to conceive spiritual issues.

I will not dwell on the issue of sonship and fatherhood, lest I draw the anger of many with “perfect understanding” of the scripture that says, “call no man father under the sun”. I will not waste energy, they are allowed to have no spiritual father, let alone look up to one, including biological fathers, for they came from nowhere, hence their existence requires supernatural explanation.

Studying a Prophet can cause one to understand that a Prophet is not a Prophet when he is prophesying only. No. His presence is a community, environment or country is, and remains a prophecy. Everything he does and says is prophetic. What more when he opens his mouth and starts to declare some prophecies about individuals, institutions, countries and/or nations.

Without dwelling too much on whether Prophets or the prophetic has ended or shall end, for I may also draw the anger of students and professors of the school of thought with the understanding that only Biblical Prophets were true and the ministry of the prophetic no longer exists. More so to them, there is no current true prophet, especially in Zimbabwe. No matter how much you demonstrate the prophetic to them, it can only be by other means and they will never see God in it. They are entitled to their understanding.

There are many prophets but I have, hitherto, managed to study one. For the purposes of this article, I will call him Emmanuel Makandiwa, for the comfort of many, yet I am very sure of the principality I am referring to. He has given so many accurate prophecies which have come to pass. I will take time to mention a selected few, which, if they were analyzed by the blind at the time of their delivery, they could appear to be “false”.

Some may remember the ”Zimbabwe Currency Prophecy”  which was delivered on the 1st of January 2011, when all was well regarding availability of cash, availability and/or accessibility of the United States Dollar, in particular. If the blind and unschooled in the prophetic were to analyze such a prophecy in 2012 or 2013, it could turn out to be a false prophecy.

It is important to note that, as highlighted earlier, Emmanuel Makandiwa had, by the grace of God upon his life, travelled into the current dispensation, saw how the current cash or liquidity challenges would ravage the Zimbabwean economy, including the piecemeal and fragile policies that would be proposed and adopted to address the consequences thereof. For ease of reference, follow this link,, and take time to analyze the events as they unfolded years later.

When he delivered the prophecy, almost everyone did not understand, yet members could be seen taking notes, to the amazement of the Prophet, for surely no one had understanding of what the Prophet was saying.  It would then be child’s play to analyze and judge such a prophecy, especially at a time it had not yet manifested. The temptation that many fail to resist is the propensity to quickly conclude that the Prophet lied without understanding of the time. That’s one of the things that pains prophets, when you deliver a prophecy to the deaf and blind, especially the schooled, who are too proud to consult the prophet regarding the specific time when such prophecy would manifest.

Some would say, but why not give all the details in order to avoid confusion? I also had the same opinion before I got some lessons from one of the Biblical Prophets.

At one point Prophet Isaiah said, and I quote, “For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder….” Without contradiction many will agree that Prophet Isaiah was referring to the coming of our Lord Jesus. Without contradiction we can agree that Isaiah was a true Prophet.

If people would listen to Isaiah delivering such a prophecy, they would immediately go out and look for Jesus. “Unto us, a child is born!!!” Prophet Isaiah was prophesying from the dispensation where Jesus would manifest and he saw himself there, hence the boldness to say “unto us”.

Our own current analysts would look at such a prophecy after two years, and there is no Jesus! They would surely say Isaiah is a false prophet. Alas, how blind could people be? Why not ask Isaiah to reduce the prophecy to your understanding, according to the ability of your physical brains?

I remember during the Judgment Night 2 event, way back in 2014, Emmanuel Makandiwa gave a prophecy about the Zimbabwean economy to more than 160 000 people who thronged the giant National Sports Stadium in Harare. Before I dwell on the prophecy, it is important to note that the prophecy was not given in secret, but to more than a hundred thousand people. It is a first and historic that such a gigantic stadium can be filled beyond its capacity, just to listen to a man delivering the mind of God. It happened for the first time that overflows had to be the only option to accommodate such numbers in winter, where people from different capitals, provinces and countries braved the chilly weather to listen to a man called of God. Maybe people will do the same in the future but it is important to record in the Zimbabwean books of history that, according to the order of the books of the Bible, the book of Genesis comes before Habakkuk.

Details of the prophecy have made many to doubt and continue to refer to it whenever they are analyzing the Prophet’s prophecies.

He said, and I quote according to how I managed to document then: “I see in the realm of the Spirit that this nation (Zimbabwe) will not go back to where it was….. God is giving this nation a better platform. We need to pray now for this. As we experience the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, He will begin to resurrect this country. Industries shall begin to run again. I see production. You shall remember these words. You will be able to move around the city and be able to do your shopping even during the night. Industries shall no longer be closing shop, selling goods in the afternoon and in the evening….You shall see it happening in your lifetime. Jesus is following us, coming to a place of recovering us from the graveyard, restoring us back to our position”.


To the blind and deaf, this is a false prophecy, for the current challenges bedeviling the economy point to a different story. There are questions that the wise should ask. There is a time from which the Prophet was prophesying from. He is in the future and he speaks from there. Prophets are allowed to go into the future and speak from there. For unto us a child is born!!!


Why didn’t he give us the year? Did Isaiah give you the year? Isaiah never said tomorrow, and Emmanuel Makandiwa never said next year or 2017. He said “I see”…in the realm of the Spirit”…and other details follow. One thing I like about the prophecy is he said, “you shall remember these words”.

No matter what we may say now, we shall remember that Emmanuel Makandiwa saw production, which is currently insignificant.  Yes, 47% industry capacity utilisation is not what he saw. He saw tangible production. We shall see it happening in our lifetime, regardless of what analysts may want to portray.

Remember the 2011 Currency Prophecy. When did it manifest? Did it happen the following year? No. It is just that we don’t see what the Prophet sees, we don’t hear what he hears. Sometimes if you are humble enough to acknowledge that you are blind and deaf in the Spirit, you can humbly ask the Prophet of the time or times when the prophecies will manifest, and if God allows him to reveal to you (for some of us the intentions are wrong), you can get understanding of the prophecies.

The pain of the Prophet still remains, the people don’t see and never seek to understand, they are blind. They do not hear well, the enemy has never allowed their hearts to conceive and understand the prophetic, let alone hearing well. They are deaf.

Some argue why some of the prophecies are given in parables, yet in church they preach from Jesus’ parables, including the parable of the sower!! Some say why does he give prophecies in private. To them the definition of private is every place where they are not found. Some of his many prophecies were given to more than 70 000 congregants who attend the weekly services, more so in the presence of journalists who cannot miss services. To some that is not public.

I wonder when our eyes will be opened to embrace the gift that God has given to the world. When will Zimbabweans begin to understand the Voice of God to the nations?

And the prophet will endure the pain of preaching to the blind and deaf!!



Emmanuel Joshua writes in his personal capacity. The contents of this article are purely personal.





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