Tocky Vibes on ZIMA, “My time will come!”

When the ZIMA awards took place on October 29 they were marred with controversy with fans & musicians alike noting that some of the current top artists on the local music scene were not amongthe nominees. One such artist was Zimdancehall ‘man of the moment’, Tocky Vybz.

His album did not appear in the Best Dancehall Music category. Instead there were some little known artists such as Hebron Mash and Jimmy Wailer whose full credentials we’re still searching for to this day.

The talented lad did not even make it for the song of the year section and yet his songs have become anthems, heard blaring on radios in many homes, pubs, cars, and on phones. Continuously, as if some national repeat button is stuck.

In an interview on ZTV’s, Good Morning Zimbabwe the calm sounding ‘Mhai’ hit maker said maybe the judges did not nominate him because they probably thought he was not ripe enough.

“Contrary to popular belief, I submitted my album just like all the other artists,” said Tocky. “When I realised I had not been nominated, I just thought ‘my time has not arrived.’”

“However, I was shocked when I was watching the awards on television and heard people saying they wanted me to win, meaning people might see what the adjudicators might not be seeing. Maybe the judges think I don’t meet the standards yet, but well, I think my time will come,” added Tocky.

Asked on whether dancehall will have a long life span compared to other movements such as urban grooves, Tocky said, “…hmmmmm kudancehall kurikushandwa, kupera ichapera nekuti chisingaperi chinoshura but zvinogona kutora nguva nekuti vakomana varikushanda (well in the dancehall genre people are working hard, yes it will fade away as there is nothing that does not come to an end, but it will take time because the artists are working hard).

Muti kuti unzi muti urikukura unenge uchiite mapazi akawanda uchigadzira mumvuri, sezvirikuita izvozvi kuti vamwe varikuimba zvakati vamwe vachiimba zvakati, irikubata kwese izvozvo ndizvozvinoita kuti dancehall ikure, saka dancehall inogona kuenda kure.(The mark of a growing tree is the development of many branches that provide more and more shade, so that’s exactly what’s happening in the dancehall genre. Artists are singing about everything, thus affecting everybody so dancehall is bound to go far).”

The 20 year old talent sealed off his interview by dropping some punch lines from his forthcoming single that is sure to keep revellers on the dance floor during the festive season, “…ah gore riya zvaratopera ndotenda mwari ndararama, ndikacheuka hama zhinji dzakaenda, vakatadza kukunda vakafa. Nechinotiponesa handichizive Mwari we ndimi musiki, munondida ini hii chipembera, wapinda mukisimusi mukaka ne huchi, New Year namata mugore ubude rimwezve……ah ah hihihi oh gosh (Ah, the year is already over. I thank God I survived. If I look back I see that many of my relatives are no longer here. And I don’t know the thing that makes one survive. God, you are the creator. You love me,  celebrate, you have reached the festive season, milk and honey, New Year, pray that you get through another year…)!”

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