Today’s Artist: Producer Nico Abote

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I am passionate TV Producer and Social Media Fanatic. Enjoy telling stories visually, editing, photography and anything with adventure in it.
I run an Online Web-TV channel and produce a number of programs which include Serious Talk, Hezvo (comedy show) and Cross Network TV (CNtv) a Christian based program among others…
OVER 8 years working experience within Zimbabwe’s media industry.  I have performed the following roles, with expertise: Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Director of photography, Editor (Final Cut Pro and Adobe: Advanced level), Camera person (studio and outdoor shoots advanced level). I have worked on television and radio commercials, infomercials, profiles, documentaries, live productions, short films, music videos, corporate events and any other even that needed to be documented.
I have also been part of Channel O Africa production teams and worked on numerous documentaries for NGO’s, corporates and individuals. Social commentary driven by truth, positive energy and possible solutions is what drives me, I have appeared on a number of TV and Radio shows as a guest as part of my endeavours to push for dialogue and discussions on issues affecting us as a community, nation or individuals.
nico abote 263africa zimbabwe
I’m driven by passion and love to tell stories. My life revolves my family of wonderful 3 kids and a dear wife who is fortunate in the same field as I am and this has allowed us to understand and grow our marriage even stronger over the years.
My love for Zimbabwe, my birth place and my pride is unquestionable and my aim is to make sure I’m part of a progressive team building this nation for the future generations to benefit from its riches and diversity. We have a long way but I’m positive, we will get there.

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