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Today’s Artist – Tererai Mugwadi

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A musician’s move towards artistic maturity usually involves assembling a full band and holding live shows.

In most cases one cannot become a successful artist without holding live shows, because it is one of the most vital steps of the musical journey while it is the most reliable source of income for local musicians.

One of the pioneers of urban grooves music, Tererai Mugwadi, will soon be in the same boat with other successful musicians as she will have her own band, a move motivated by her recent experience in South Africa.

“It is one of the toughest steps (forming a band) in the music industry but I am glad that I am already in it. Currently we have signed a deal with a Chinese instrument company and any time soon equipment will be delivered to us. I already have six band members that are raring to go,” said Tererai.

“When I was in SA from 2006 to 2008 I was working with Native Young, a recording house and I recorded eight tracks for my second album and we did live shows. It was awesome because you would really feel the response from the audience,” she said.

Mugwadi added that through live shows there is mutual communication between a musician and audiences. She said she enjoyed performing for a mature audience that responds positively.

Comparing the local music industry to South Africa, Mugwadi said the only difference is the availability of resources, otherwise the level of talent is the same.

“In Zimbabwe we have the talent and skilful producers just like in SA, but we differ in the sense that here we do not have adequate resources.

“Quality control is vital in the music industry, because without it we will have sub-standard products and professionally, we won’t be growing”, she said.

Mugwadi emphasised the need to work with other musicians, especially those from other countries as it helps in skill development.

“As a musician one can never learn while working alone, it is essential to work with other artists. I have learnt a lot about music and l have grown musically but I still feel that I have a lot to learn.

“When I went to SA, it was to pursue academic studies but I grabbed the opportunity and worked with many musicians with vast experience and it has helped a lot.”

The songbird says she is now learning to play instruments to complement her vocal talent.

Currently, Tererai is holding shows and promoting her latest album Meloversary which carries hit song Handifi Ndaka.

Maskiri Ft Tererai and Natty Gee – naMwari

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