Today’s sexiest woman: Sibo Bhero



Sibo Bero is one of Zimbabwe’s sexiest women, no doubt about that. The China based model and medical student won the public vote to be crowned Face of Zimbabwe in 2012.


How i take care of myself

long gentle showers, read a book during the day, lemon tea, cook for one, like a 5* chef, listen to India arie, turn off my phone, smile to self, laugh, 


go to another city, paint my toes, dine out, table for one, personal space, think/speak positively about myself, drink water, give myself time, slow down, trust my intuition, listen to me often, be assertive, never regret anything, forgive myself, set my alarm as ‘its time, beautiful!’, 


don’t shrink, rest, if hungry, eat, wear lipstick to the grocery store, wear perfume to bed, take photographs of self to document existence, 


powder my bed sheets, don’t compare yourself, scrub with olive oil and sea salt until I glow, go to book shops, watch horror movies in the morning, 


sticky notes, say only what’s necessary, glass of milk, glass of wine , go to the mall, to look :), clean my place, take a walk in the cold





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Dear New Lover
I’ve been new at this more times than I have been old. It’s especially hard to tell you that one day, we will suffer the signs and symptoms of a love that has been beautiful for far too long.I know one day, its not going to make me giggle to reply one of your “I’m thinking of you” texts because one day there’ll be no texts. Only new love thinks it can defy time, ignoring that even the most beautiful of women will someday settle into a more graceful state of beauty with more crevices gorged in their faces playing eulogy to all memories.

I don’t hate that I can’t stop thinking about you. This euphoria is a despot over every part of me. My little toe keeps kicking the couch and surprising me with a sudden sharp burst of pain, just so it can prove to me that I will smile three seconds later remembering what you said about my feet. Them, not being the prettiest pair but your most favourite. The way you looked at me today like you saw something deeply encased within the toll-gates I call eyes, made me somehow believe you had enough to get past them.  Dear new lover, one day we will have to replace that “new” for other adjectives like torn, happy, disappointed, ravaged, surviving or just plain “old” but there is no rush.

With this small note I sit up to write to you while you lie asleep, I just want to reiterate that tonight was beautiful. In a minute, I will put away this pencil and notebook to listen to the music of your breathe dance a Viennese Waltz over my tired hips. I will hold your hands safe over my waist and protect you till the day our love no longer needs refuge in these fornicating fortresses.-

Sibo Bhero












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