Top 12 Zimbabwean Facebook Groups

One of the things that have continued to inspire me is the amazing sense of community accross all Zimbabweans across all social media platforms. These groups have transcended the propaganda and race distortions that some in the country would like us to believe exist. We are one as a nation regardless of language, race, skin colour, class, diaspora etc. I believe that these groups have promoted unprecedented unity for Zimbabwe’s younger generation which fills me with optimism for the time post-dinosaur era.

All of these pages have amazing content. Enjoy!


1. Zimbabwe Weddings

Zimbabwe Weddings


Current membership: 130,000

Zimbabwe Weddings was founded in 2009 with the aim of putting together a wedding planning guide that is dedicated to making wedding preparations as hustle free as possible


2. Zimbabwe Soccer (ZPSL)

Zimbabwe Soccer

Current membership: 120,000

News, opinion, and so much more about Zimbabwean soccer.



3. Zimbo Kitchen

Zimbo Kitchen

Current membership: 51,000

You can count on to learn and experiment with a variety of recipes for cooking and baking alike in our Zimbabwean context. Number 1 Zimbabwe cooking and baking tutorial site!



4. The Zimbo Jam

The Zimbo Jam II

Current membership: 41,000

Keep up with the Zimbabwe arts & entertainment scene with the country’s award-winning lifestyle, arts & culture website.



5. Face of Zimbabwe

Face of Zimbabwe

Current membership: 41,000

Face of Zimbabwe, organised by KMG Media is an online pageant whose primary objective is to promote Zimbabwe abroad and raise funds for charitable causes.
The competition runs every month on where contestants can register to create portfolios. The Top 3 monthly contestants are chosen by public vote and the monthly winner is then chosen from the top 3 by the FOZ Judges. Face of Zimbabwe is about Zimbabweans all over the world who are passionate about their country who want to use their beauty to show the world the real ‘face of zimbabwe’.



6. Zvinhu Zvirikufaya

Zvinhu Zvirikufaya

Current membership: 41,000

The owners describe is as a page is for Jokes and no politics or insults.



7. Zim Girls killing it

Zim Girls killing it

Current membership: 40,000

Page for us all daughters of Zimbabwe, show casing our day to day “killing it” outfits,tips on make up and hair



8. Zvirikufaya naKeda

Zvirikufaya naKedha

Current membership: 28,000

The group is focused on connecting and entertaining Zimbabweans worldwide and contains videos of Zimbabweans all over the world having fun {zvirikufaya videos}.



9. Democracy Advocate Initiative

Democracy Advocate Initiative

Current membership: 22,000

This forum is the online limb of the Democracy Advocate Initiative [DAI] Trust.This platform is for germinating and cross fertilizing ideas that promote democracy,clean governance and social cohesion. We aim to engender wholesome democracy through nurturing active citizenship in Zimbabwe.It is the obligation of every citizen,we believe,to struggle for a just,equal,and peaceful society for themselves and posterity. We are a broad community of Zimbabweans of different ideological hues,tolerant to a broad church of opinion and united by a shared vision of a democratic,peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe.

10. You Know You Are Zimbabwean when/if…



You know you are Zimbabwean

This group is for ALL ZIMBABWEAN’S…share your experiences and your jokes on what you feel it is like to be Zimbabwean…Feel free to add any Zimbabwean friends you may have…Enjoy Yourselves and have fun!!! You know you are Zimababwean when or if..



11. Zimbabwe Colour Run

Zimbabwe Colour Run

Current membership: 20,000

A happy, vibrant run with which we aim to bring the Zimbabwean community together, whilst raising money for charities in need!



12. SME’s and entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe


Current membership: 14,000

A vibrant group of serious & would be entrepreneurs wishing to do business professionally for growth was formed by Eddington Chaduka in December 2011.


Up and coming: Beings of Zimbabwe

Beings of Zimbabwe

Current membership: 7,000

Nameless Zimbabwean faces in pictures and videos with details. All of Zimbabwe plus the Diaspora. By Zimbabweans.



* Considered groups with more than 10,000 members in the list.  This is our list based on subjective measures including engagement of members in the group. Group memberships were rounded to the nearest 1,000 as of 15/12/2014







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  1. what about historic groups that are non-political such as Born in Rhodesia, Rhodesians-Worldwide, Rhodesians Worldwide, Rhodesian Memories. These sites incorporate those who love their teapot shaped homeland and they do not have political leanings despite the names of the groups.

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