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Tsikirai speaks on her music

UNITED KINGDOM-BASED Bulawayo-born afro-pop musician Tsungai Tsikirai said working with the late musician and prolific guitarist Andy Brown was the turning point in her music career, as it helped her evolve into a solo artiste.

Tsikirai, who was part of the popular Mpopoma drama group that later evolved into Iyasa, said she also worked with other artistes including Albert Nyathi, who helped her perfect her craft, thus drawing her into the limelight.

“Working with the late Andy Brown will always be the greatest highlight in my career. I will always appreciate the opportunity presented by working on Andy
Brown’s project as this enabled me to explore new sounds as a solo artiste,” she said.

“At the time, I was identified as the skinny girl from Bulawayo. I also worked with other music legends like Albert Nyathi.”

Tsikirai said she had taken a mini sabbatical over the past three years to focus on her studies.

“During that time, I had the opportunity to reflect on and refocus my music career and explore other ways in which I could improve my craft as an artiste in
this competitive industry, as well as engage in community development through my music,” she said.

The songbird said during her sabbatical, she would focus on mental health issues that affect ethnic minority groups and hopes she made a difference.

Tsikirai recently recorded two singles — Uthando lwami and Incwadi — which are available on YouTube.

“I am working on releasing an album soon if all goes according to plan. The United Kingdom audience is quite diverse. However, the audiences I have had the
privilege of performing to, have been appreciative of my music, which I do not take for granted,” she said.

She said her new music was different from her earlier works as she now had embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

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