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Tsvangirai has no policies to offer voters other than opposing Mugabe

Linda Masarira, the pro-democarcy activist,  said chances of the opposition winning next year’s election were next to zero as they have no strategy to outwit Zanu-PF.

Masarira told NewZimbabwe.com that the opposition has no strategies or policies to offer voters other than opposing Zanu-PF.

“Zanu-PF has strategies and uses state projects such as Beitbridge-Chirundu dualisation, Tokwe-Murkosi dam project, Command Agriculture and Cross border trader’s loans to lure votes one year before elections,” she said.

“Most Zimbabweans no longer care about politics as it doesn’t feed their starving families instead they found a way to make ends meet from the corrupt system,” she added.

She said just 12 months before the next election opposition parties are busy fighting to lead the coalition instead of uniting to deliver a powerful blow to Zanu-PF and then share the cake evenly.

“Opposition also lacks credibility as masses suspect them of being intelligence operatives or no longer have trust in them,” she said.

“MDC-T leaders were equally corrupt and clueless during the Government of National Unity,” she added.

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