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Uebert Angel takes on Whatsapp…. launches Atom Call Soft Phone

Prominent preacher/businessman Uebert Angel is taking on Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp, with the launch of his Atom Call Soft Phone that has a similar “but better service ” which is now available on The App Store (IOS) and later on Google Play Store (Android).

Businessman/preacher Uebert Angel

A few months after declaring himself a serial investor, Angel splashed out over 1 million Euros on a hotel in France, a few weeks after that he launched a new energy drink called BLACK cipher GOLD. The launch of the Atom Call Soft Phone appears to be a continuation of his aggressive expansion plan.

Announcing the new project on his Instagram page Angel wrote; “Hello World”, AtomCall soft phone is here! If you are on IOS, Download our low data usage new soft phone with free app to app Chat, HD voice and HD video calling which works even on 2G internet and also value international calling with direct HD call capabilities that enable you to call direct phones and landlines.

“My whole office is moving from WhatsApp now… BUT **** IF you don’t have iOS we got you covered so by the 13th of August we will have launched the AtomCall soft phone on Android. ***IF YOU ARE ON iOS GET THIS NOW!!!!.”

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