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“Ugly” recently-crowned Miss World #Zimbabwe: ‘I have no boyfriend’

HARARE – Recently-crowned Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote, 25, says she has no problem with the Miss Zimbabwe Trust’s position that she should have no boyfriend because she is currently unattached.

The boyfriend ban is an attempt by Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Marry Chiwenga to avoid a repeat of last year’s debacle when Thabiso Phiri was forced to relinquish the national beauty title after some of her nude pictures were leaked allegedly by a scorned boyfriend.

“Yes, she (Chiwenga) mentioned it but I was unattached already. If I am to be approached by someone expressing love interest, I will deal with it when it comes. If anyone is that much interested he will wait,” Kachote told the Daily News.

The new national beauty queen also revealed that she has deleted her social media accounts due to the cyber bullying she has fallen victim to since she was crowned over a week ago.

“I had Facebook pages but I deleted them because I was trying to avoid a whole lot of things. People were getting into my accounts and taking pictures and using them for different purposes,” said Kachote.

“I will open another  account, but it will be a fresh start. When we got crowned, the chairperson just advised us to stay off social media.”

She added that she was not losing sleep over the adverse criticism that has come her way.

“I have heard what they are saying. Why should I be bothered by other people who have time to text and write all sorts of things?

“One thing I have realised is that even if we have elections to select the  country’s president people will still comment, so what’s the difference with me?” She said.

Kachote also gave advice to future models who might receive the harsh criticism she has endured.

“It is not the critics’ dream but yours. Don’t let the world shatter it because at the end of the day you stay at your house and they stay at theirs. It’s just an opinion, I also have opinions and they should not stop me from being myself. Besides, I am a person who doesn’t apologise for who I am or what I want.

“To those that are rallying behind me, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I will make you proud.”

Kachote, who has previously won Miss Women’s University 2010 and Miss Harare 2011, said she almost failed to participate in the Miss Zimbabwe 2015 finals.

“My friends encouraged me to go and participate. I was not willing but a friend convinced me and in the end I won,” she said.

“I thought I had outgrown pageants. You know beauty pageants have a whole lot of things going on. I have a job so I was considering concentrating more on that, but it always has been a dream to represent my country. Even at work at times people ask me if I am a model, so it’s the other factor.”

She also revealed that her father was initially against her entry into modelling.

“Everyone else did not have a problem with it but you know how our traditional fathers are. They are not too comfortable with the things that are associated with the industry. But when I won Miss Harare, he started getting on board and even began to give me advice and telling me that I was representing the family in all what I was doing.”

In line with Miss World ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ requirements, Kachote is doing a project that seeks to establish the impact of cancer on people living with albinism.

“I am doing a project on albinism, focusing on the people who are affected by cancer.

“As you know cancer has become one of the deadliest diseases and the albino community is mostly affected by skin cancer,” she said.

The lanky model explained how she became a financial advisor despite studying psychology.

“The funny thing about life is that there is no one way of doing things; you might not even work in the exact field you studied,” Kachote said

“My job doesn’t require one to have a strong financial background, but the ability to speak to, study and understand people. I deal with clients on a day-to-day basis and you need to be able to speak to them effectively.”

The beauty queen, who also claims to be a designer and a motivational speaker, revealed plans to resume playing volleyball as part of her preparations for the Miss World pageant.

“I am an athlete, I play volleyball. I used to play at university, right now I only play for charity. But I will get back on track for the Miss World preparations,” she said.

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