Understanding the secret of a debt-free people

Rutendo BensonMatinyarare Correspondent
Today I want to talk about the subject of where Zimbabwe is going. After the elections, there was a contestation of the poll outcome.

MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa, who lost the presidential election, challenged the validity of the election which he claimed was rigged in favour of President Mnangagwa.

However, on August 25, the Constitutional Court (Concourt) upheld President Mnangagwa’s victory in the July 30 harmonised elections, saying the petition by the MDC-Alliance leader was deficient of evidence to buttress his litany of poll rigging claims.

The court has made its ruling and it’s final. Critics and daydreamers should stop entertaining any thoughts that President Mnangagwa’s victory will be reversed.

The truth of the matter is that the international community has already endorsed President Mnangagwa. They have already expressed their willingness to engage him and work closely for the benefit of the country.

The agenda of Western countries is simple: Zimbabwe has been out of the loop for a long time when it was under former president Robert Mugabe’s administration.

Mugabe was able to transfer the assets or the physical assets (land), the real wealth of the nation, into the hands of Zimbabweans. So, you will notice that Zimbabweans are the most “asseted” Africans on the continent. Zimbabweans now own land and many now have got title deeds.

Most Zimbabweans own their houses. Their houses are not owned by the banks; these are assets in the hands of ordinary/common Zimbabweans.

Zimbabweans own their cars, own their cows, basically everything that is in Zimbabwe – industrial properties, commercial properties -are owned by Zimbabweans. So this makes Zimbabwe an asset holding trust and one of the most “asseted” Africans on the continent.

When you go to countries like South Africa you will understand that people have assets, but those assets mainly belong to banks – Western-controlled banks. This holding asset that Zimbabweans hold, the fact that claims for resources and minerals are in the hands of ordinary Zimbabweans – makes Zimbabweans very wealthy people. Even though the rest of the continent and Zimbabweans don’t know this fact.

I will give you an example. A man with 10 cows in Zimbabwe, with a hut, a field to grow crops and tobacco, is worth much more than me in South Africa with a R500 000-debt for a car, R1,5 million to R2 million mortage for a house, a credit card debt and sometimes even debt for education for my kids. We are in a minus value or a minus negative net worth.

A Zimbabwean with 10 cows, 10 goats, two chickens, land with crops, land with tobacco is worth much more than a person with negative value.

This is what the international community wants, this is what the international banks want! They want Zimbabwe’s wealth, they want the assets that the ordinary Zimbabwean doesn’t appreciate. They want control of these assets.

So, this is the time that Zimbabweans must be warned about what is coming in the next few months, or years down the line.

What is coming? The banks are coming, with money too.

What banks do is that they create paper money, they create value from thin air and put it on a piece of paper called MONEY. After they have done that, that money is introduced into the system as debt, they will give you debt, they will give debt for farming projects, they will give you debt to start companies, they will give you debt to manufacture. They will give you debt for cars, houses, they will even give you debt on credit cards for pleasure.

Once they have done that, they will ask you to put down collateral to secure your debt. And the security they want is your cows, houses, claims, land and any other asset of value. Then after they have got this collateral, they going to ask you to make payment.

Because most Zimbabweans do not have debt, they are a very attractive option to lend, they are a very attractive option to give PAPER MONEY to and to give DEBT to because they have got ASSETS to secure this DEBT.

After you get that debt there will be a BOOM for a while and just as you people think you are going through a successful curve and it’s going to last for ever, you sink in huge debts.

You become trapped in debts which you can’t come out of and this is good business for Western-controlled banks. Know what is coming, and be prepared.

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