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In a quest to keep the arts and music scene evolving new talent must be captured and nurtured. Caroline “Caychi” Chirowodza was born with a passion for the arts, particularly music. As a young girl she would take every opportunity to express herself and her talents.

The songstress grew determined to let her light shine and today she is making a name for herself and setting up her highway to stardom. With barely two months on the scene and with her debut album, “Journey of My Life”, her position at the top of the charts seems inevitable.

The title of her album is as it seems, documenting her life through music Caroline pours her soul into her self-written tunes. She has fought her way to the top defying odds and cynics, all the while keeping her bubbly spirits up.

Up until recently, Caroline lived in South Africa but decided to bring her talents back home and start her career on Zimbabwean soil.

“I lived in South Africa but I always knew that when it came to my career I wanted to launch it here. Zimbabwe will always be home and I value forming a relationship with my fans here,” she said.

Caychi has grown from a one woman act to now performing with a live band, The Afro Jive Band, and together they have been tearing stages up across the country with performances that can only be described as electric.

It is true that one’s talent makes room for them. In Caychi’s case, her musical talents have caught the ear of the Great Zimbabwe International Festival, who have asked her to write and perform the theme song for the event.

“When I was approached to do the theme song I was ecstatic. There was nothing I could say but yes and put pen to paper,” she said.

The aptly named song, “Great Zimbabwe”, will be performed by Caychi live at the Festival and many are geared up to see her in action.

For Caychi and The Afro Jive Band, their journey has just began and it looks like there is nowhere but up for them in the music scene. Caychi will be performing her signature Afro Jazzy Pop tunes tonight at the much acclaimed Extra Mile Leisure Spot and is sure to leave the scene with a following.

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