12.12 – Cde O. MPOFU nominated to chair the special CC meeting by a quorum of 201 members of the CC…..

12.13 – Cde Chinamasa joins the at the high table as legal advisor

12.19 The issue of transfer of power from Cde Mugabe to the New President of the Party rest wt the CC said Cde Mpofu

12.21 Cde Mpofu salutes Provinces for their position in recalling Cde Mugabe

12.23 Members of the CC salute the resolution by Provinces by singing “Zimbabwe ndeye ropa”

12.24 Cde Mpofu acknowledges the role played by Cde Mugabe bt said his wife and her associates took advantage of Mugabe’s frail condition to usurp power and rob the nation

12.26 Member of the press are asked to leave the house after the Chairman’s opening remarks

12.30 Provincial Chairperson asked to present in their own words resolutions from their Provinces.

12.32 Bulawayo Province – Noted none adherence and gross violation of the Party Constitution by the top leadership and resolved tht
– R.G Mugabe be recalled,
-Grace be recalled
-Support ZDF action
They have also resolved that ED Mnangagwa be called back to the party to resume his position

12.36 Harare Province – Resolved that all evil cabal members be brought to book
– Illegal suspensions be cancelled.
-G40 cabal be expelled from the party
-RG Mugabe be recalled n retired and given an Alderman Status

12.39 Mash Central -Resolved that all illegal suspensions and expulsions be set aside including tht of ED
– Recalling and Retiring RG with the Stateman status
-Expulsion of the G40 cabal and the recalling of Grace and Mai Undenge

12.42 Mash East – Resolved
– Support ZDF action
-Expulsion and prosecution of Grace and the G40 cabal.
– Recalling and retirement of RGMugabe
-Nullification of all expulsions and Suspensions

12.44 Mash West -Resolved
– RG Mugabe to step down and retire
-Grace to step down as Sec fo Women
-Nullification of expulsion and Suspensions
-VP EDM to be called bck to resume his post as bothe 2nd Sec of the Party and State VP

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