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Us Congress Amends Zidera

A Bill to amend United States sanctions against Zimbabwe – Zidera – has been tabled in Washington with the Senate on Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday approving the proposed legislation. Zimbabwean Government officials yesterday said the move came with preconditions which threatened to overreach US influence in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe.

US Senators Chris Coons and Jeff Flake, both members of the Foreign Relations Committee, lead the drafting of proposed amendments to Zidera.

The two claim the amendments are meant to normalise relations between Zimbabwe and US.

A Government official yesterday said: “It is just a promise and moreover it is coming with preconditions. What they have done is just a small step which is not substantive. Zimbabwe cannot rejoice over that.”

Said Sen Coons: “This legislation reflects our sincere hope that Zimbabwe makes a transition to a peaceful, democratic, just and prosperous nation. A free, fair and credible election is a necessary, but insufficient step to increased levels and areas of cooperation with the United States . . .”

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The Herald

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