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Zanu-PF is set for a thunderous victory in the forthcoming elections scheduled for July 30 and party cadres should maintain peace ahead of, during and after the polls and towards election observers. Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters who packed Chinhoyi University of Technology Sports Grounds yesterday, President Mnangagwa said cadres should prepare for victory banquets.

A number of surveys have pointed to a resounding victory for President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF.

By Sunday, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission had accredited 1 140 observers broken down as 187 foreign observers, 34 foreign journalists, 279 local journalists, and 640 local observers; the highest number of observers in the country’s history.

“We have foreign observer missions and I am saying to you my fellow Zimbabweans that we are a peaceful people, we want a non-violent campaign, we want a peaceful process of our election, we want a transparent and credible election. This we can achieve and up to now we are campaigning and no party has been denied the opportunity to do so,” President Mnangagwa said.

As one of 23 presidential candidates, President Mnangagwa said, he had an equal chance to campaign on national television.

“We have 23 presidential candidates and I am one of them and everyone is being given a chance to campaign on TV. It is all happening. That is what we call the new dispensation with space for all political leanings in our country.

“So when observers come, welcome them with warm hearts and warm hands. We want them to know that we have nothing to hide, we are transparent, we are winning these elections through the ballot box, we will win these elections hands down, a thunderous victory for Zanu-PF is in the making,” he charged.

President Mnangagwa said Zanu-PF was already preparing for the victory celebrations.

“We should prepare for the victory celebrations because everywhere you point on the map of Zimbabwe Zanu-PF is there. You go east Zanu-PF is there, you go West Zanu-PF is there, you go south Zanu PF is there, you go north Zanu-PF is there and among the young ones the party is there even among the elderly in various households.

“There is nowhere in Zimbabwe where you will not find Zanu-PF, victory is certain, victory is certain. So I am saying on July 30 let us all go out to vote. Together we will rebuild our nation, together we will rebuild a new and better Zimbabwe for all, a nation with better jobs, better accommodation, better life and prosperity so that we will be appreciated by future generations to come,”

“Do not be distracted by some individuals and small parties who are trying to foment violence, just ignore them. We do not want to fight them, we are so big to be worried about these small little groups. They go making noise in the press and not around the country because they know they do not have support in the country. On the 30th of July they will know who has the largest following in the country.

“It is the party that was anointed by God (that has the largest following). God has not forsaken his party,” said President Mnangagwa.

The Zanu-PF First Secretary and President reiterated that no individual was bigger than the party and called for unity among party members.

“Zanu-PF is a party with a history and no individual is bigger than the the party. We can all fit into Zanu-PF whether big or small, rich or poor young or old.

“All the leaders sitting here in front should also know that they derive their authority from the people so they should respect the people,” he added.

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