[Video] : Chinotimba Rubish One Man Demonstration

Buhera South legislator Cde Joseph Chinotimba has called for the setting aside of a day each month dedicated to cleaning cities and other areas to ensure that the country is free of dirty and avoids the spread of diseases. Speaking while carrying a one man cleaning campaign in Harare’s Mbare suburb, Cde Chinotimba said members of Parliament and councilors were equally affected by dirty and should also take part in the cleaning campaign.

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Cde Chinotimba used his parliamentary vehicle to pick dirty from the streets of Mbare.

He was removing the garbage mainly from the corner of Mbirimi and Dumbutshena street and loading it into his official vehicle ready for the dump site.

He said the removal of dirty from the streets had become a national issue.

“Last week ndakataurira city of Harare kuti instead of tiite basa seriri tirikuita basa risiri iro,” he said. “Tiite concentration pahurova ma drain, migwagwa yedu tarisai zvayakaita kana muchiona. This a school, chikoro ichochi chine vana thousands varipo ipapo but vana ivava ndopavanouya vachitambira.

“This is a national issue, not only for the city of Harare, it a national issue. Here I am demonstrating, I am giving a sermon to everyone. Every MP, every citizen of Zimbabwe to look after the nation.

“Nyaya yandarwadziwa nayo, Rwanda ine national day rekuti every end of the month, Saturday of each end of the month it’s a national cleaning day. The national cleaning day ndeyekuti even minister of local government, joins hands nemi vanhu, munhu wese zvake.

“Motikari yemunhu ani nani inofaniara kutakura marara kuenda nawo kuPomona. Saka ini I am doing it kuti, no, are we leaving this mess to the city of Harare only or we are leaving this mess to the nation?

Cde Chinotimba said leaving the mess to the city of Harare was not helpful.

“If we leave it to the city of Harare only, Mayor Manyenyeni anga popota angadii, but the truth is that the city s dirty,” he said. “Whether he can say something against Chinotimba, the councilors can say something against Chinotimba, its not only here, but the whole of Harare is this dirty.

“Ngatitsvagei zuva ratinoti this is a national cleaning day like other countries are doing. Kana ndiri kwangu uko kuBuhera South kuBirchnough Bridge cleaning nevanhu vedu, muno umu maMP vese vachidaro, this is what we are saying.

“Inini ndiri kuti cholera kana ikabata muno munyika haisiri cholera napamusoro paChinotimba chete inenge yava a national disaster. The best is to prevent these national disasters.

“I am doing it in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe. This is beyond ma councilors, its beyond mayor Manyenyeni, but kana tichitaura he must understand what we are saying.

“We are not saying Manyenyeni akonewa basa because the money is not there. People are saying munomhanyira zvima kombi zvisina nebasa zvisingaisi marara. I am not saying Manyenyeni is a poor man, he is not doing his job, instead of cleaning the city tinomhanyira zvimwe zvinhu zvisina nebasa.”

Mbare residents applauded the legislator for leading by example.

Harare has been riddled with mountains of garbage at roadsides that have gone uncollected for months and are threatening the well being of the citizens.

Most of the city’s storm drainages are not functional resulting in water gathering on the streets and in some instances flooding houses in residential areas.

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  1. Rubbish Chinos your activities in the past and even the present has lead to this penurious state of affairs.Who has time to be cleaning when people are hungry and dont have jobs.The only good thing is that you are taking ownership of your own mess.We want to see you clean beyond just a publicity stunt.

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