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Video: Watch #Zimbabwe Prophet Bishiri Walk On Air

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, also known as Major 1, walks on air at his mansion in front of a journalist.


After being labelled fake and a fraudster following a video that he claims was tempered with showing him performing a miracle of capturing in the spirit with an iPad, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has pulled yet another ‘ miracle in which he showed a mobile phone captured video to his congregation which showed him walking in air.

According to a report by News24 Zimbabwe compiled by their renowned writer Maynard Chizavare, who attended the service and later had an exclusive interview with Bushiri at his home where also performed the miracle before his eyes, the video shows Bushiri coming down the stairs at his mansion in South Africa and when he got on the last step to connect with the flow, his feet were in the air for a small distance until he finally stepped down.

The video has also been posted on YouTube and another one was also shown LIVE on his TV, Prophetic Channel that broadcasts to millions of viewers across the world.

If I can walk in the air, somebody thinks I can never capture a simple picture in the spirit. I know who I am and I understand the power of God and what that power can do. He is the God of impossibilities who can do anything, said Bushiri to his congregation that has gathered in alarming number.

We have seen magicians performing miracles, why cant we, as children of God perform equally and even more great miracles? Its so unfortunate that some people are quick to believe in a magicians miracle than in Gods miracle, continued Bushiri.

“Am not proving anything, am just showing you that God is able and He is performing miracles through his chosen ones. Attack a small miracle, I will pray to God that He makes me perform something even greater than what you have attacked. Its all possible because he leaves in me, am His temple,said Bushiri.

He continued:About the miracle that you have seen me walking in the air is just a demonstration of God’s power and when am done praying to God for perfection, I shall perform it live for everyone to see. Thats last Friday when God showed me that I can do that after I had come from church.

An iPad video had of late circulated on social media which showed Bushiri taking pictures in the spirit, but Bushiri ministry claimed it was tempered withto discredit the man of God whom God is using mightily to perform great miracles.

Bushiri also joked about “The Man of Beer” video also making rounds on social media.

“I hear somebody was also able to capture some crates of beer in the spirit, let them try walking in air too,” he said.

Arguably, Bushiri is putting Malawi on map with so many people flocking to the young prophets church in South Africa where he is currently congregating as he is working towards building his church behind the City Mall in Lilongwe, Malawi.

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  1. this guy is soooooo bad at his attempts at conning people im sure noone will believe this bullshit!

  2. fake video, that was a close-up shot only revealing the feet, why didn’t you reveal the whole body floating, also why did you narrow up the vidoe screen, don’t take us for fools

  3. Honestly this is BULLSHIT

    only an ignorant being would belive this, camera was diverted from
    seeing the whole body and just the legs, he swang his legs in one place
    and only moved forward when he had touched the ground…

    at least when magicians like Chris Angel and David Blane do it they show their entire body.
    held on to something but you didnt see coz camera deliberatly focused
    and zoomed into his legs… Sad case of wanting to con people of there

  4. there is really no evidence showing that he was not holding to something with his hands…i would have wanted to see his entire body suspended in air…i am not saying he cannot do it, i am just saying the evidence is misleading

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